Can I eat Prawns?

Hi there, I totally love prawn cocktail, I would eat it every day if I could, since being pregnant I havent had it coz I'm not sure if I am allowed too.

I normally just buy the prawns out of ASDA and make up my own sauce.

Do you know if its still safe to eat these while pregnant, I know certain fish is not allowed but dont know if prawns are part of that list.

AnneMarie xxx


  • As long as they are cooked correctly then they are fine, xx
  • Are the prawns you buy in ASDA cooked then, surely they would be safe to eat.

    I might go to the fish monger and buy some fresh ones and cook them myself that way I know they are cooked!

  • yeah they are cooked but prob best to cook yourself, also make sure the black bit down thier back is taken out, this is the bit that gives you tummy ache. x
  • thanks akalady, i will head to the fish man on Saturday.
    I wonder if they are expensive to buy fresh
  • I dont really know, the tiger ones are but normal ones I think you have to peel yourself..........hehe let me know as i also love them xxx
  • Hi

    I have eaten loads of prawns. As long as they are from a decent shop. I even eat pre-packed prawn mayo sarnies from the supermarket (after I've checked the mayo is pasteurised!!) I think as long as you make sure everything is in date and fresh it's not a problem!!

  • Hi
    My understanding was you weren't to have shellfish that was cold (ie rpawn cocktail) as the bacteria can build up once cooked and is cooling. But was fine to have if it is still pipping hot having just been cooked? I love prawn cocktail too! I will have a look through my MW info and see if can get an answer.
    Lilou x
  • I have peeled prawns before so I wouldnt have a problem with that.

    I will let you know how I get on with them.

    I am annoyed at myself as all through my last pregnancy I never touched them (I thought I wasnt allowed to), I got my mother in law to make me a prawn cocktail the day after I had my daughter and take it up to the hospital to me!!

  • Lilou I'm sure thats what I read somewhere last time
    Let me know if you find anything out
  • Not finding anything definate so far! Found info saying both no and yes! Gggrr
    Oh I would be sssooo pleased if I can have it! I have been lusting after them when out for meals lol!
    Lilou x
  • me too i think I am craving it even more
  • I've had prawn cocktail about 3 times since i've been pregnant and have had no side effects and baby is fine! Go on,enjoy it!
  • I spoke to the doctor about this and he said that it's not safe to buy cooked prawns whether frozen or chilled. He said you never know how long they have been cooked before being packaged and how long they were lying around before they were cooked.

    Basically you should buy uncooked very fresh prawns if you want to eat them.

    I hope this helps!


  • I think this is why I stayed away from them last time.

    I will buy my own fresh ones and cook them that way I know they are safe

    Do you think I need to eat them within a few hours of cooling

  • I think that you should eat them within 2 days of cooking them. I love prawns too and I'm sooooo going to buy some uncooked ones soon! I'm actually craving them since reading this post lol.

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