Emotional and nervous

I am currently 10+2 and over the last few days have been feeling really emotional. I am starting a bereavement group tonight for parents who have lost babies (I lost twins due to prem labour). I signed up for the group before finding out I was pregnant again, and now I dont know if I can cope with all this emotion. I know tonight is going to be tough enough without the added pregnancy hormones. Anyone else been through anything similar?


  • i've been fortunate enough to have all 3 of my babies without any problems, but on a professional basis i have been involved with ladies who have lost their babies - i can only empathise with you!
    i'm sure you will be fine tonight, and i think it just makes you human to be so emotional - pregnant again (for which congratulations are due!!) or not!
    i dont think you need to tell the other girls there yet if you dont feel up to it, and i'm sure they would just put your emotion down to your lost twins.
    i really really hope it all goes well for you, and good luck
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