Is this normal for late pregnancy?

Hi ladies,

I'm currently 37 & 2 and really starting to struggle!! I finish work on Friday - and it can't come soon enough!!

The last few days, I feel like my body is really being pushed to it's limits! I get slight period style cramping in the morning, and have lots of mucus when I wipe - generally more in the morning too. Just now, I'm aching all over - my feet, ankles and knees.

I'm sleeping terribly too just now - although thats been the case since about 20 weeks! My pelvis clicks when I first get up in the morning - yuk!!!

I think i'm getting occasional braxton hicks too. Bubs has defo slowed down, although still has a good wriggle at night, and his/her usual hiccups during the day!

Just wanted to check that this was all normal!?

Thanks ladies



  • hi i am 35 weeks and feel the same! Finished work all ready and relaxing but in so much pain sometimes! Kept waking up last night with pain all up and down my legs! My knees and ankles are always sore. Sleep is almost impossible, i actually dread bedtime. Also losing mucus. Think it jus taking its toll on us now! X
  • sounds normal to me. I'm 37+5, and feel pretty much as you've described!
  • You'll feel better when you finish work and can rest up. I'm on week two of maternity leave and feel better than I did a week ago - even gone two afternoons without a sleep!
    Helen x
  • Yeah, sounds normal hun. With my two I was pretty much the same by 37 weeks.
  • I'm 39+2 and still working! (from home so not quite as bad) but this sounds perfectly normal.
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