Anyone just moved home before baby arrived??

Hi mums and mums to be,

Maybe some of you will remember me going on about how stressed I was about us getting this dream house we really wanted...well we got the house and we are moving in end of the week. SOOOO excited!!! I'm currently 24 weeks pg and my oh has forbidden me from helping to move except to pack the small items into boxes!! lol bless him...

Anyway my question is has anyone had any experience of moving house while pg. We are in a 2 bed flat at the mo and so don't have masses of furniture, but still got quite a lot of stuff. I have taken my 2 year old to my mum's for a week so she won't get in the way. Do you think we would have settled in in time for the baby because I was thinking of having a home birth, but is that a good idea if we haven't lived there very long.

I really hope the move won't be as stressful as trying to get the house eeeeaaak!! xxxxxx


  • Wow, big help thanks lara - you and I have similar ideas when it comes to organisation and my oh belive it or not also has OCD!!! But his is like he has to check all the taps are off and plug sockets are off before leaving the house.

    thanks for the advice x
  • hi i moved when i was about 32 weeks preg, lo is 4 months now. i didnt find it too stressful as i wasnt actually allowed to do much and alot of people offered to help as i was pregnant. i think you should be settled in by time your lo arrives, just accept all the offers that ppl make, such as helping you move stuff and unpacking stuff xx
  • i forgot to say, good luck and i hope the move goes well, try n relax image xxx
  • I'll be moving when im about 8 weeks pg. Really excited tho cos this is gonna be our family home. The good thing is because were buying a newly built house as part of the package we get the removal people in and they help you iv decided to work til lunchtime on the day we move!!(hopefully it will be done by the time im finished!!) Also because i wont be past the 12 week stage nobody will know im pg and so dont want em to think lazy cow!!!

  • Hi
    We moved when I was almost 16 weeks on the 20th Dec!!!, a while earlier in preg than you mind, it helped we knew we were moving months earlier and we had a delay so we had a lot of packing done early on, I can't stress how long it takes to pack though, we were still sealing boxes as the removal men were taking them out! I am a hoarder though. By the way some removals offer a packing service if you wanted to look into that.

    It was stressful, mainly as i did a lot myself as hubby couldn't take time off work but the actual move day was good, we paid for removal men, did shop around and got a good price. And had my parents there too, who helped clean house we left and my mum was a godsend at the new place, clean everything while I got on unpacking and putting things where we wanted them. As I was starting work from home after xmas I had to get sorted so the fact that you have a target helps I think to get straight, you do have plenty of time, as long as you don't have much decorating to do re nursery or anything essential build/maintenance wise.

    We got mainly unpacked in 3 days and clean and then went away to relatives for xmas and I really advise this for you especially as you don't have long to move, regardless whether you actually pack much, you will still find it exhausting and you'll need a break from it just to let someone else take the strrain for a few days.

    I second everything lara says, be as organised as you can, I wasn't that organised that i wrote lists though, so well done with that. Don't do what i did and stay up late and get up early, you do need rest.

    Well good luck and sounds like you have a very supportive oh there.

    Em x
  • the first time we moved 7 days before DD was born, the second time we finally moved 10 days before DS was born, it was good coz I wasn't allowed to life boxes but the nesting instict had kicked in so unpacking was a doddle. Would reconemed it though as very tiring. 2 days before I was still sleeping on a camp bed coz we couldn't find the bed screws, so, determind to sleep in my own bed before he was born I got the bus to my mums at 9pm to have a final look for them, found them and had DH putting the bed together at 11pm, all for the sake of a good nights sleep.

    We're staying put this time!
  • should probably add it was the 20th december both times, so also had a bodge christmas. twice!
  • hi babe was just reading your post, and although i gavent moved yet im supposed to be moving the week before im due! i got really scared first cause im abit daunted about the fact ill be trying to rush around and get everything done, decorators etc all the week before baby comes. and then i taught what if im early or something goes wrong, if im early im going to be bringing baby home and then have to get all the decorators in and its not like ill be able to have baby in the house with al the paint fumes dust etc. its driving me mad worrying about it.
  • I am movin when i'm 34 weeks, and am quite worried bout it cos i am goin to either have to take the plane or the boat and am worried that they mite decide not to let me travel even tho they have said it is ok. I think i am goin to b super organised as people have suggested and take all the help i can get and jst hope it goes wel!
  • just make sure you know where your hospital bag is at all times, and remember to pack a dad bag, toothbrush, deodrant, clean underware, food, etc for him as well.

    The biggest problem the second time round was it was a repo so needed a lot of work, we used to leave the house at 9 and be back by 5/6pm, which is probably why I ended up with a womb infection and unable to continue breast feeding. Make sure you have somewhere to go for a break, if your not close to any friends or family, check your area for a Surestart centre, they will be a lot of help, and most importantly you'll be able to meet other mums.
  • A dad bag, now there's an idea!! Could also put in the video camera too. Although it serves a practical purpose will make him feel important as he gets his own bag lol . Thank you!
  • i'm also doing kid bags for the other two, as it will depend if it's day or night, week or weekend as to who has them, gonna put some new clothes in, fav snacks and a small surprise from the baby in for them.Will have to keep them hidden or they'll want them straight away!!
  • Were going to move too! bit worried! image sure it will all be fine tho! x
  • hi, me and my hubby have not long moved, i was 22 weeks and let me tell you i think its the best time to move when your pregnant,has you dont have to do all the hard work haha, i was loving it telling people where to put what and being bossy! its now been 5 weeks and were settled already,and we had loads of stuff from moving from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed flat! had to have a carboot sale to get rid off all clutter!

    so make the most of being pregnant! xxxxx
  • I moved into my new house when I was 32 weeks pregnant and all went fine...but we had to rip out walls and get a new kitchen put in plus decorate every room! My mum was a god-send, she did nearly all the hard work. But things worked out well and we got all the major stuff done before my daughter was born.

    I wasn't very organized when it came to packing but we didn't have much really as we were in a rented furnished flat. When we first moved in we only had a dining table and 2 chairs, a bed and a fridge! We soon got sorted though and I'm so glad as would've hated to be in the rented place with a baby.

    Good luck everyone who's moving soon!


  • hi. i moved house with my first a day before he was due!!! luckily he came 4 days late so it gave me time to get his cot up at least.xxxx
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