back from scan.

hi everyone had my scan lady found very hard to find baby but we got there in end they found sac which measured 5weeks but couldn see baby or heart beat as to early they said because of my pcos and iregula af i must had ovulated late in month so got another scan next wenesday should be able to see baby and heart beat also cramping they suspect is severe uti due to testing of urine. as any body else had simila to me and gone for another scan to find baby there with heart beat. x x hope everyone ok x


  • Glad everything went well !
  • Glad it went well honey. I had this with my oldest son, scan at 5 weeks just showed a tiny little sac, went bach 2 weeks later to see a little kidney bean with a flickering heartbeat, which was such a relief! Good luck with your next scan, i'll be thinking of you x
  • Such good news for you crystal. I hope the next week goes quickly for you. I didnt have a scan as early as you but I did have one at 6+5 and we saw the heartbeat x
  • ohh I'm so glad it all went well for you hun.

  • Hi Crystal24

    I am glad it went well for you today. Nicki

  • hi crystal my pregnancy started like yours too i didnt have any bleeding but was in agony all the time and had to have 2 lots of bloods taken and 2 scans before they ruled out ectopic pg it turned out all was fine with my lill bean and i had a severe upper uti at least you know now
    claire x
  • Hi,
    Soooo gald to hear your news. I agree with mumaandbub the back pains sound like the kidney infection I had a few years ago. Also when we were pregnant the first time (we had a mc in 2006) the doc said you had to be really carefully of urine/kidney infections when your pregnant! You're more prone to them apparently-don't know why.
    Anyway take care and let us know how next week goes x
  • I'm really glad it went well at the doctors. I went to the doctor when I just reached week 5 and i was told to come back in week 6 because it was still early x
  • on my first pregnancy i had a early scan and they could only see the sac,had to go for another one a week or two later and had the second scan and they saw the heartbeat and everything was ok,so try and not worry,its normal just to see the sac at this early stage

  • Hi, im not 100% up to date with your story but from what i've read i can relate to. I had quite bad cramps with my 2nd pregnancy and was sent for an ermergency scan, but was told i've have to wait a week for a scan so i would be 6 weeks pregnant which meant they would see a heart beat. It was a very long week to wait but when i finally did go, there she was, not much of a baby, more of a black dot in a sack but there was the heart beat and everything was fine, she's now 2.
  • I had terrible cramping from 5 weeks for about 2 weeks, was awful! Just put your feet up untill then and try to relax and take your mind of things. I'm sure you will be fine honey. Thinking of you!

    x x
  • thats fab Crystal, was nervous opening this thread, was really hoping you n bub were ok!

  • I'm so glad it went well for you today - hang in there until next Wednesday xx
  • Thats positive news hun. I too had an early scan and all they found was an empty sac. Was told to come back in fortnight for another scan and when i did i saw my little beanie and a nice strong heartbeat. I know the next week will feel like an eternity and I will be thinking of you and hopefully next week you'll be able to see the heartbeat too.

    Suzi 26+1 xx
  • at 5 weeks i think its sort of 50/50 whether you see a heartbeat or not. been on here so long and many ladies have had a heartbeat seen the following week or 2.
    take care hun and try and relax.Did they give you any antibiotics?
    Filo x
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