Bottles and teats

I intend to breastfeed but was thinking of getting some bottles anyway incase things don't go to plan and I also want to express. How do you decide on what to get? Theres so much choice and they aren't cheap, bit confused,,,,, same for the teats as well. I'm assuming you can't return them for hygiene reasons if the bottle/teat doesn't suit baby so could be an expensive experiment!!!

Thanks xx


  • I used Advent years ago-and have some this time, but the ones i've heard the best things about are toys r us bruin bottles. The ones that are 3 for ??10, they are angled with a button that releases air.
    Lydia xx
  • what was the steriliser? steam, electric, cold water?
  • It's just we don't have a microwave..... needs to be electric or cold water type. Can it be an electric one without using the steam bit?
  • electric one doesnt need microwave,xxx

    Yeah I know that!! I meant can the steriliser be used as an electric version, the tommee tippee....
  • tommee tippee do a cold water one and an electric, sorry my brain doesnt understand. is that what you mean?

    yeah that makes sense, thanks xx
  • Asda bottles take most wide neck teats (Nuk, MAM, Mothercare, Boots). The ones that they come with are medium flow, and they also do their own teats with other flow. They are about ??2 per bottle (pack of 2) and I got two packs for a fiver.
    I use an electric steriliser. It was given to me, takes 10 mins, but takes lots of space up in the kitchen. If you get Avent or Tommee Tippee bottles only their teat will fit. Something to bear in mind if you need to change shape.
  • Any other bottles that are interchangable? I don't live near an Asda, so it would mean a trip specifically to one to get bottles....
  • hi mrsT, i can't see any reason why youre LO wouldnt take to whatever teats you get. most teats are very very similar. However if you are BF and wanting to give expressed milk frm a bottle i'd reccomend tommee tippee closer to nature bottles as these are shaped like a breast and nipple and complement BF, making it easy for your LO to accept both breast and bottle. the only reason you should need to change the teats for your bottles is when your LO gets a little older and needs the next size teat (they have different amounts of holes in the end for faster/slower milk flow) and the second size up is from 3month *i think* (might be two mnth!). i wouldnt worry too much about it as chances are your baby will take to whatever is offered to them. you don't need to buy the same make steriliser as bottles which widens your choice, you can get electric steam ones which are great if no microwave, i've used them before and they generally sterilise about 4-6 bottles in 10mins or so. hope that is of some use! untill your actually using all of the stuff it's all a bit alien isn't it! lol. happy shopping xx
  • Thanks Linzi things are abit clearer now! I've seen a cold water tommee tippee travel steriliser which I might get as I won't be bottle feeding (hopefully) all the time so won't need it constantly.

    Was in boots today, looked at the bottles liked the look of the closer to nature ones.... We'll see image
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