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Hurrah i officially started my maternity leave today. i know its early but becuase i only work term time i can bank all my holidays so after 9months i can either have extra time off or have my holiday pay in a lump sum. the spd has been a nightmare since sat and i dunno if anyone remembers my post from sat night about pain and pulsing stabbing pains but ive had a look at my bits with a mirror and there is a huge fat black/purple vein that goes from my hole right up one side of my labia to the top of it. its very lopsided and swollen on one side. and hurts like a git. dunno whther to ring mw or not dont wanna haveto go in and get my bits out if its unessccary.
30+0 weeks xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • it sounds like you could have vulval varices - varicose veins in your vulva! they can be really painful, but not always anthing can be done for them. it needs looking at, tho'! - sorry!

    congrats on finishing tho' - make the most of it!
  • hiya hu, didnt wanna read and run, glad about the leave! with regards to the purple bits, mine r purple too, havent got the vein but id purple in there, i read somewhere thats a sign of being pregnent, but if ur worried do call mw, hope that helps xxxxxx chels 40 +1
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