has anyone noticed who quickily tanya in eastenders has progressed threw her pregnancy? she got pregnant log after i did and i am 32+2 but according to max in last nights episode she has just under 1 month to go????? how is that possible??? this is really driving me mad!!! please tell me im not alone!!! also violet in corrie was only having her 12 weks scan a few weeks ago then all of a sudden she was having a 22 week scan!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!:x


  • i did notice that violets bump grew quite rapidly, like one day it was just there ha!! oh well, thats tv for you x
  • i woz thinkin the exact same thing last nite wen watchin eastenders i cant understand it wish it went that quick for us ure not alone x x
  • Also she had massive high heeled boots on! good uck to her f she can wear them at 8 months i can bearly walk bear foot!!!! although i dont think many heavily pregnant woman wear heels thats size in real life!
  • I think i would love to have a soap opera pregnancy because im 30+2 and starting to get a bit fed up and very uncomfortable. I wore my lovely kitten heel boots today and my feet were killing me, best to stick to the flatties from now on!
  • i noticed that violat had a flat tum on one show(she was wearing a tight top) workin in the pub and litrally the next epesode she had a bump when she felt the baby move lol it dus make u laff although i think her dates are right as my sister in law is pregnant and is dew the same time as violat is ment to be, and they have had scans and ruffley same time. not to sure about eastenders tho mabie tania was ment to find out at 12week scans she was further then they had thought or sumin its tv and mistakes will happen lol


  • And what about honey in eastenders, shes been pregnant for about 3 years! That little one has got to be due by now?!
  • Yeah violet suddenly exploding with this large baby bump one episode. I think its funny as well that honey was pregnant well before tanya in eastenders n it looks like now they will be aving their babies on the same day! ha ha ha
  • i know its crap isnt it. if only pg went that quickly. Im 4 days overdue and feel and look awful (i look like shreks girlfriend) You never see anyone on the soaps like that do you? Begging to have sweeps done to go into labour?!?!?
  • i also noticed honey has been pregnant for ages! and she was pregnant well before tania!! stupid soap people! its soooo annoying!!!
  • If tanya has only got a month to go then honey must be well overdue i think
  • definatly im sure she was well pregnant before me and im 32+3 if i could be bothered i would right in and draw it to the producers attention! notice that with only a couple of weeks to go tania you havnt seen tania buy a single item of baby stuff???????
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