pregnancy brain?????


  • omg im such am idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as some of u may have read a previous post of mine where i was talking about the bitch at work and i said i was gonna go sick well........... i did and i thought i was due to go back today so i got up and got ready 4 work i even put my uniform on!!!!!!! i was ready to leave when i just made sure i had my oyster card and i just looked at my rota which i always put with my oyster card and it said i was off and i thought wtf???? so i called work and they said yeah ur in tommorrow!!!!!!!!!

    omg i was so sure i was in today!!!!!!!! so now i have to re-book tesco as i was having them deliver tommorrow durrrrrrrr ( i will be at work tomorrow)

    does this kinda thing happen to anyone else???? or is it just me???????
  • i was SO forgetful in my pregnancy, felt like i had cotton woll for brains! i was constantly going into rooms and completely forgetting why! lol. i had 2 write myself so many reminders. it definately does stop when baby comes though i promise!
  • oh good im glad it stops when baby is here!!! feel like an idiot today!!!
    i told o/h and he just said "thats normal for u pg or not" cheers babe!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry ladies, I am even worse now the baby is here.. beginning sentences I lose track of halfway through, putting handwash on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste and last week emptied a sachet of ready brek in to the bin and put the sachet in the bowl.....
  • Hi! Yes, I'm the same. I couldn't even remember how old I was at one appointment!!! I've found it quite hard as I was really well organised before. Luckily oh is organised enough for both of us and keeps everything on track!!!

    Hels xxx
  • oh girls u have all made me really laugh!!!!!!!!!
  • my bain has completelt gone too. i tell people to come round for dinner last week and when they turned up i was like ' how nice of you to come round', she then informed me i had asked her, we all found it funny ut c'mon it was even on the fucking calender. and as for everthing else, forgetting to turn the oven on, the washing machine on, my nmind is just completely gone.

    sarah 16wks.
  • My brain has turned to mush! Half the time wot i say jst comes out as babble. My oh has noticed and keeps pointin out how my mind has gone, which is nice of him! (only in a jokey way tho). Not good havin mush for brains when am tryin to finish an essay for tomorrow! Nice to no i'm not the only 1 tho, thought i was goin a bit crazy!
  • I have major problems remembering what I have gone into the supermarket for. I can even go upto three different times before I get what it is I need. washing powder was the last one!
  • lol same probles here, although one of my bigger problems is the fact that I say such stange things, as soon as they are out of my mouth I think what am I talking about? I am terrible at substituting words and making the whole sentence mean something else - its giving my husband a giggle so it can't be all that bad - anyone else having this problem - I am 27 Weeks preggers!
  • this post really made me laugh! the other day my husband asked what i wanted in my sandwich and i replied with 'Christmas'! WHAT, i sat and cried the other day because i jst couldn't remember anything and the harder i tried to remember where i'd put things to more i forgot!
  • My hubby came home last night and told me that the tomato soup i made him for his lunch was lovely and i apparently replied 'oh, thanks'.

    A while later, i asked him if he thought the soup was okay and he looked at me like i an alien and said 'i just said that to you not that long ago and you even replied'. I can honestly say i dont remember him saying anything about soup but we apparently had a conversation about it!! I get my sentences muddled too and put words the wrong way round and then i dont make much sense.

    Havent yet had any experience of putting things like kettles in fridges etc (YET). But i am very clumsy and keep dropping things. Last night getting ready to go out for tea, i kept dropping my hair brush, make up brushes and i got so sick of bending over to pick things up. I must drop my car keys 10 times a day too. I then proceeded to nearly fall down the stairs as my heel got caught on the top step of the stair but managed to grab the handrail in time (then got a rollicking for wearing heels which i dont normally!!)

    I am not safe let out on my own!!!
  • OMG So glad other people lose track half way through a sentence, I am ruddy useless at the mo'.

    Also started saying the wrong words in sentences and when people say what? you said x I dont even realise I did.

    I also gave my son my hubby's lunch consisting of 3 cobs, banana, apple, 2 satsumas and a bag of macoys and my poor 10 year old came home and said I couldnt finish my lunch Mum, to which I said you shouldnt waste food Rhys. then all became clear when hubby came home starving and said he only had 1 cob, apple, banana and Wotsits (which he hates along with cheese spread in the cob which he hates) OPPS, I am rubbish!

    Only 26 weeks left, then I will be a tearful mess instead!
  • last pregnancy was spent putting fabric conditioner in my t instead of milk this time its forgetting my name or the kids names etc
    if i continue calling my 11 yr old son carrie he may move out! lol xxx
  • Absolutely!
    I joke that I have just got mush for brain! xx
    Lauren (30 +1)
  • Tell me about it!!! I went to do breakfast yesturday and completely forgot the I had run out of Bread, milk, cereal and yogurts, luckily DH went to the shop quickly before he left for work.

    This morning I went to make his sandwiches for work and had forgotten to get more pickle.

    At lunch time I knew I had planned something to eat, but couldn't remember what so wondered around the kitchen for a while, feeling too sick/hungry to think of anthing else, so I ended up going to the shop (which is at the end of the road) and picking up something else!!

    The worst thing I have forgotten was that my Nan went to Australia for 2 months yesturday and I for got to call her, so feel really bad about that one. I have asked DH to keep remnding me of things, I'm thinking of getting post-it's, just to survive the next 6 and a half months!!

    p.s can't remember spellings either, so sorry for the bad spelling
  • Honestly i thought it was me, i was really worried the other day i lost my purse and searched everywhere then when my son whos 4 came home he told me i was silly as i put it in the fridge i mean come on how stupid am i. My exams at uni were the worst i tried revising and nothing stuck i just hope i have passed lol. After my son it took me a year to get back to normal so hopefully it will be the same xxx take care xx tracey
  • I was terrible when I was pregnant I remember trying to fill the washing machine with fairy liquid and thankfuly I noticed just in time. Nearly flooded my kitchen a few times, always forgot what I was doing like freezing crisps and tatties and putting cloths in the fridge ect I did loads of silly things lol can't say it gets much better though!
  • I said in my post earlier that i was getting clumsier - well the last few hours have proved that!!

    So far today, i nearly tripped over going through the door into work this morning (with my boss right behind me!); then i dropped a load of rent review notices which i had neatly arranged ready to photocopy so they got all muddled up and then i dropped a file on the floor and all the contents went flying across the office!

    Good god - my employer will be desperate for me to leave well before 29th March (when i am due to finish for M Leave) if i keep this up! :roll:
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