Don't want to tempt fate but ...

I had no heartburn last night and managed to sleep right through, well apart from having to get up to go to the loo image I woke up this morning feeling the best I had done in ages & wasn't even exhausted. The only thing I did differently was not drinking anything other than iced water after 2/3pm. I'm really hoping this is the end of it and not just a one off :\) Will still be going to my doctor appt today to get something stronger just incase :lol:


  • hope you found a new tecnigue for us all to try ;\)
    hope it stays away hun image
  • Aww thats good, i get it too! Its a nightmare eh? I cant take rennies/gaviscon as they make me feel sick, i find drinking loadsa water before bed really helps, milk etc doesnt help me image

    Hope its getting better for you!

    Sharon x

  • My heartburn has stopped now the baby has dropped, there is an end to it honestly :lol: Just a shame it's 37wks onwards :cry: its horrible, used to make me sick and then my throat would be so sore cause of the acid coming up :\(
  • I know this might sound stupid but what does heart burn feel like? Last night I went to bed with what felt like a hot throat and chest? I don't know that i have ever had it so just wondered?

  • My throat would have acid rising.... my mouth would water like I was about to be sick and if it was really bad my chest would feel tight
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