im new new and this is my second pregnancy
anyone from bham?


  • hi there,i'm not frm bham but thought id say hi and welcome to the forum!how far r u? lv hanna x
  • 20 weeks gone now.2nd scan tomorrow and i cant will have to excuse me on how long i take to reply, i also have a 1 year old running
  • lol does ur 1 yr old understand that u have a baby in ur belly?my lo is just over 2 1/2.i have a scan tomoz aswell,r u finding out the sex?? x
  • when i ask him whats in there, he always says 'baby', but i dont think he fully understands.hopefully we will see the sex 2moz but i reckon its a boy again bout u?is it ur 20 wk 1 2?
  • no iv bin havin xtra scans il b 30 wks and we r having another girl,i thought it was a boy tho b4 we found out so u never know u cud b avi

    n a girl!
  • Hi just thought id welcome you to the forum i was just like you are taking a while to reply etc im on baba number 2 with a 20 month old running around good luck with the scan Sophie 33+5 xx

  • Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your new baby. We look forward to seeing alotmore of you!!


  • hi all.had my scan today.its a boy!!a little bro for my 1 year old son.have 2 go bk in 2 weeks though as they couldnt see his heart properly.beating well though!!bp is high so need that monitored fortnightly and have 2nd blood test for slapped cheek next week so its all go!!how would have thought second time round would be so much harder!!worth it in the end though!
  • Hi moan.
    I was sent home from work today through a couple of the children presenting with slapped cheek. I've just read your previous post on the subject and now I'm slightly more concerned that I was ( ok now I'm terrified)
    I'm getting some info from the doc tomorrow but he didn't seem to have a clue what it is either. so i't just stuff from the internet. I've got my frist doc appointment thursday (think I'm 5 weeks)
  • im sorry i didnt mean to doc didnt seem to know much either so i went on the net which does have some scary stuff on it.just be adamant u want the test and normally most people r hoping next weeks test comes back clear 2.its a nightmare!!like we havent got enough to worry about.let me know how you get on.xx
  • I know. totally unfair being lumbered with this too. AAAARRGGHH!!
    I'm now hoping my head teacher tells me that I shouldn't go back till I know more.x
  • hia moan
    congratulations hun u were right on it bein a boy!!i had scan 2day 2 n it was confirmed again that we r avin another little girl!! xx
  • one of the other women on here said they worked in a school and they were signed of until they were about 20wks.i think its ok then though my nieces teacher had to have a test 2 and she was 30+wks.they joys!!is this ur 1st?
  • hi hollysmum+bump.
    congrats to u 2 xx
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