pregnant wif crampin??

hi guys am new on ere had a mmc in december n just found out im 6 weeks pregnant bein gtn lots ov cramps like period ones and gtn bit scaed dis any ov yous gt thm ??????/x


  • Hiya

    I think it's quite normal, Im 7 weeks and i've been getting period type pains 2. I've also had 2 mc's so really hoping this is okay. My other symptoms are still here, boobs sore, constantly hungry, weeing alot and occassionally feeling sick. Im sure you'l be fine hun. did you get a pic from an early scan?
  • hi

    I had lots of period type cramps early on and from reading stuff on here it seems pretty common. I think it is when everything starts stretching! if you are worried then go and see your doctor or call NHS direct - they will hopefully be able to put your mind at rest
  • im 4 weeks pg and i have been getting cramping too but it is normal hun i remember it from last time! x
  • Hiya. I had this it was like a period pain but a bit more extreme. Had it after ov and all up to 12 weeks, so am sure all will be fine. Was convinced I was going to come on and dreaded going to the toilet, but am now 29 weeks tomorrow.

    Good luck girls. xxx
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