Does the Worrying Ever Stop..!

I seem to have turned into a complete worrier..? I never ever used to be like this - but since I became pregnant I have not stopped quizzing myself about every twinge or pain... I fell over on Tuesday which was the scariest thing.. and now I have got even worst... I don't think I can bear it..!! I am driving myself completely mad... is anyone else like this.. I think I am going to be a nervous wreck as I have another 26 weeks to go..!! :cry:


  • HI June bean

    Oh no this does not bode well for me ....I have become such a worrier too, frightened to do anything and almost have a panic attack everytime I get a fright ot trip slightly.

    I'm omly 6wks so quite a bit behind ..pls do let me know if the worrying ever does stiop!!

    pink x
  • JuneBean, you sound just like me, and when I first got pregnant I was considering an abortion, and still couldn't stop stressing at every twinge or cramp. The first 12 weeks were so worrying for me as I had spotting almost constantly, and two early scans.

    I assumed after 12 weeks I would quit worrying but I haven't! I've stopped worrying about miscarriage but now I have the lovely worries like hoping my baby's not premature, worrying I'll have a stillbirth, worrying I'll turn up to 20 week scan and the baby will have something fatally wrong with it...(especially the latter. I'm dreading it.)

    My blood pressure was high at 16 weeks which left me a nervous wreck panicking about pre-eclampsia as both my mum and oh's mum had it. Last week it was normal though, and I reckon it was a bit of 'white coat syndrome'.

    I'm finding pregnancy really difficult tbh. You can't drown your sorrows when you feel crap, you can't take any medication when you're sick. Grrrr. I'm just hoping it all works out OK.
    18+3 x x
  • I'm a worry wart too, didn't think I'd be this bad, driving my OH mad and I'm only 5+1 weeks. I feel very vulnerable and worry about it being an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

    My lastest worry is the fact that I feel normal in myself, no symptoms and worry that things have come to a halt (despite reading threads on symptomless pregnancies). I felt really tired last week, had lots of headaches and my boobs really hurt. Now my boobs are a bit tender but thats it.

    Seeing the Dr for the first time today so hopefully I'll have a blood test. Worry, worry, worry!! LOL!
  • i am terrible for worrying,from the min i found out i was pregnant with my daughter i was a nervous wreck worried right up to 12weeks, then i was worrying about the blood tests then the 20 week scan then all the way up to the birth,
    thought it would stop when i gave birth but it never ends, if my daughter gets a sniffle i worry lol, im 20 weeks pregnant again and id say im worse this time lol,
    take care xx

  • I agree, when you find out you are pregnant you worry up to the 12 / 13 week mark then you kinda relax for about a minute and then you worry before your 20 week scan and then you relax again for a minute when you know baby is developing and growing properly and now im starting to worry about the birth and hope she arrives safely etc.

    Ive been like this the whole time - i used to worry when i got period pain cramps, then one day if i didnt have any i would worry something was wrong.

    Im a worrier in normal circumstances but i sometimes feel like my head is going to explode with all these worries!!
  • Oh God worrying about the 20-week scan has been my prob this week! I'm terrified there's gonna be something wrong with my baby and it'll all be my fault. I was crying yesterday cos I feel like a bad mum before I've even started...its very stressfull! x
  • Hi hun,
    I would like to say that I think it has got easier for me after my 12 week scan, i certainly feel a lot more relaxed and rational now that i have my photo to look at and i've heard the heartbeat. I am terrible for worrying, have got myself into some right states over the last few weeks but i'm definately feeling better now. I think we now have a life time of worrying to look forward to sadly and of course i'm worried about downs results and 20 weeks scan etc but I'm really trying to relax and enjoy being pregnant now, especially as it seems that these worries are totally normal. Hope it gets better for you, i'm sure your scan will help x x
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