20 week scan

hi all
i went for my 20 week scan today and they told me my placenta is slightly over my cervic i have to have another scan at 36 weeks has any one else had this


  • hi i havent had it personally, but i had a bleed when i was 25 wks and they thought it might be because of a low lying placenta, i had a scan and it wasnt low lying. as far as ive read in books/mags etc , it could move position by itself (like higher up away from cervix) .that will be why youve to have a scan, but if not it may be necessary to have a c-sec as it is blocking the baby's way out.

    hope that helps, but maybe others will have experienced it personally x


  • I was told my placenta was boderline low at my 20 week scan and I have to go back at 34 weeks for another scan to see if it's moved round as my uterus expands. Have you seen your midwife since your scan? The sonographer just told me it was borderline low and I'd have to come back at 34 weeks but didn't explain anything about it. My mw explained it all to me when I next saw her.

    If your placenta is low like yours it is really important you contact your mw or hospital if you have a bleed. In cases like mine which are low or borderline low the placenta will usually (i about 99% of cases I've read) move round as your uterus expands. If it stays put or is covering your cervix (this is called placenta preavia) you will have to be monitored closely in the last stages of pregnancy and will be assigned a consultant. If your placenta preavia you will have to have a c-section because obviously the baby can't exit in the normal way if the exit is being blocked!
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