PLEASE help me shed some light on this :-(

Hi again,

Im hoping you can help me. I am 5 weeks pregnant and ALL of my symptoms have gone, except i feel tired early on a night, and have slight cramping in my lower stomach, and (sorry if tmi) quite a lot of clear/white discharge? i am SERIOUSLY trying hard to resist the urge to call the midwife as dont wanna be a pain but im so worried as this is first pregnancy, my friend said today her friend had a 'phantom pregnancy' and i laughed and said 'i had a postive pregnancy test' and she said 'so did she, went for scan and no baby there, was all in her head.....' OMG im going insane! please help me do you think i should ring midwife and tell her i need an early scan???? :cry::cry::cry: im starting to wonder if it is all in my head now :\(


  • Dont worry hun my symptoms didnt kick in until I was 6-8 weeks and even then they would come and go - i still have days now where if it werent for my bump I would forget im pregnant!


  • try not to worry! I know easier said than done! but pregnancy symptoms do come and go and are different for everyone! If you are 6 weeks pregnant there is a chance that you wouldn't see anything on a scan yet anyway (even if they would do one) But that doesn't mean you are not pregnant!! also long as there is no bleeding (clear discarge is normal) as i said try not to worry.
  • hun if you have a BFP on your stick then i would not listen to her at all.

    Also I did not get anything till around 6 weeks and as the girls have said they came and went. I was stressing out my sickness went for two days when I should have enjoyed it as it came back two days later worse than ever.

    Honestly all is ok and cramps are very normal I am still getting them now.

    K XX
  • I wouldn't worry hun,I thought I'd avoided morning sickness totally until about 6 1/2 weeks when it kicked in properly!

    I only had a few mild cramps but like the girls say,they are normal. All of us fear that we'll go for a scan and see nothing but that really is rare,especially with no bleeding etc.

    K 19+0 xx
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