Turning into a worrying mess

Hi girls

I just need to get this off my chest. I as you have mostly been able to tell by now and the biggest worrier in the world. I worry over everything but the first three months of this pregnancy I have been really good. I have worried when it;s come to scans but generally I have had a good feeling about my baby being ok.

I am now 13 weeks and 5 days and thought this would be the time I would start to relax and feel better about things but on Friday as some of you know I had pink cm and then it just stopped never had any more during the day and but suffered with really bad back pain ever since.

I just can't stop worrying its like it's taking over. I have tried calling my MW who is STILL on holiday she is back next Monday I believe and so I called the EPU and they were horrid said they could not o a thing without a letter from my GP? I called up to see the GP and that is just over a two weeks wait so might as well wait for MW to come back.

I don;t know I am sure nothing is wrong and I am not even worried about the pink cm anymore as it was just that first morning thing and nothing since but I have been thinking all sorts in my head, what if my cervix opens to early and so on. I have no need to think these things but have not been able to stop myself.

Have listened to the Doppler and I hear the heart beat every time which is amazing still, most of the girls in my Aug forum had scans and babies are around 70 plus mm mine was only 62 mm and she said it was curled over which makes me wonder if anything was wrong though I know they would have said to me if there was.

Sorry I know I am being silly I just need to talk to somebody you know as it helps me to see how silly I am being.


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  • ah hunny i am exactly the same as you! it is scary! I was worrying yesterday about my cervix opening early... did the dangerous thing of googling it and freaked myself out! But it did say that this only happen ins one in 100 pgs so i keep telling myself that. My new worry is that i am bump free and 15 weeks... people have said that this could be because i am tall and have good stomach muscles holding my uterus in (never thought i'd curse my washboard tummy!) but i still keep worrying that it means tick is not growing. I keep listening to my doppler and trying to get PMA from his hb!

    i know that it is so hard not to worry hun, i worry so much, but we need to keep telling ourselves that things are more likely to go right than wrong! there are a million and one things that we could worry about, i think it helps me to be really strict with myself and if i am worrying irrationally i force myself to thinking about something else... it's hard but does help.

    Also regarding your scan... i had my scan at 12 + 2 and tick was 64mm and sonographer and mw were both happy with that so i am just taking there word for it. they would say if anything was wrong hunm they have to x

    Hope your worries start to subside a bit hunn, keep telling yourself it's more likely to be ok than not image

    ps you could always ask to speak to a different mx while yours is on hols if you need some reassurance... in my notes there is a general midwife line ae if i needtal that they said i can call for advise if i need to, maybe your hospital has something like that?
  • Hi K-lou
    Just wanted to say I am thinking of you. I too was worried at that stage (am now 22+2). Every twinge or change in feeling becomes the focus of your attention when pregnant and usually makes us think the worst. I am sure that if you have only had that one episode of pink cm and nothing more then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you have back pain as well it could be a urine infection? Have you tried asking for a routine appointment with your GP - not sure how your surgery works but think all have a policy to see you within a certain time limit (2 weeks if far too long!!!). It might be worth ringing them again to make an apoointment without explaining why if possible or could you see another gp at the surgery if they can't fit you in with yours?

    Sorry for the long reply but I know I would want to try and get things sorted and my mind put at rest too. Hope you feel better soon. Let me know how you get on.

    M xx
  • K-Lou, im sorry your having a worrying time.
    I think its safe to say the raging hormones dont help in this situation either!

    My only advice would be to ring the midwife department at the hospital. If your midwife is on holiday, they must have another you can ring? In my pregnancy notes it has a number for the midwife office. WIth mine, there isnt always someone there, but if you leave a msg, they call you back.

    Everyone has lots of pregnancy worries, just try not to get too worked up about things and keep calm.

    Keep us posted.
  • Thank you girls I know i am being silly I really have no idea what is wrong wrong with me. There is only one MW at my doctors which is the one on holiday, I think I did have another number to call as well but I guess i don;t have to say really. I could talk to them about the pink cm but it was only that one time had no cramps or anything so I know that was most likley nothing bad.

    Its just all the other silly worries you think you about it can just take over. Like yesterday I felt fine did not think anything bad but this morning it's all i have thought about.

    I think the fact I am nearly 14 weeks now I have allowed myself to get excietd about it and everybody knows and so on you know.

    OK i am pouring PMA all over me now. It has helped to talk about it though thank you.

  • glad you are feeling a bit better

    i think it is a big step finding out your are pregnant, and then another big step telling everyone. we only tolf my sis and oh's bro before sacn (at 11 weeks) and waited to tell rest of our family and friends until after the 12 week scan.... my OH went out with the lads to celebrate as everyone was so happy. While he was out i was sat there thinking 'oh god everyone knows now so it fit goes wrong everyone is going to know about it' and got upset, was ok the nexy day. think it is a big move telling people, but it has it's lovely points aswell image

    look after yourself today, have lots of nice food and take it nice and easy

    pesky hormones hey xxx
  • I know its easier said than done hun but do try not to worry - my baby was only 6.3mm at my first scan and I was 12+4



  • Thank you, I just need to relax I have no idea why my head does this, it's like I can never enjoy the good things that happen to me, almost like they are too good to be true and I keep thinking they are going to be taken away from me.

    I have had 4 dreams in a row that hubby has cheated and left me how crazy is that, I think my mind is doing over time.

    K xx

  • Hormones!!! Mine went mad between 13-15 weeks I had all sorts of dreams and worries. But I then thought the more I stress the more the baby wil!! I decided to enjoy the 2nd trimester as thats the best time in pregnancy when you have lots of energy and bloom! I understand your concerns and think its terrible the way your local health care has been to you. There is always a and e if things get worse! However what you had is very common. I had it too and was told its just part of the course (after they checked my urine etc). The back pain could be the start of SPD or a urine infection which are both common.
    Do you do pilates or yoga? this may help you have a moment of calm every now and then. Its really useful for birth as well!.
    Keep smiling
    34+3 x
  • I know this is the time I thought I would be more relaxed you know. No I really want to do them though just not sure if at this stage it would be ok. Am broke at the mo so wanted to get a dvd but there are soooo many it's picking the one thats the best you know.

    Yeah my back is painful I get pains in my groin and down the front of my legs so who know, I will talk to the MW about that when I see her next, though that wont be till i am 18 weeks.

    K xx

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