Meeting with HR about ML....

.... I'm meeting with someone from HR this afternoon about my maternity leave - what questions should I be asking? I'm a teacher in a college.


  • Spooky me too! Well I'm going to find out about how my holiday entitlement works while I'm away but not sure that you need to know about that being a teacher?!?! I also believe my work should be breaking down for me what I will be earning while I'm away, not sure if that might be sometihng you want to ask. Things like how it effects your pension maybe and how much notice for comign back you need to give?!?!? Oh and what happens if you have the baby before you've left on maternity leave?!?!

    I'll also be interested in what anybody else suggests xxx
  • Pay,
    annual leave accrual
    Notice to return to work

    Can't think of anything else right now...
  • Ask about keeping in touch days.

    Good luck with the meeting. x
  • Also ask about Childcare vouchers if that's somehting you'll be needing xx
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