Daddy To Be Gifts.


  • I've been thinking about getting oh a pressie (just for putting up with me for the last 9 months)

    i've already bought lo some clothes thats say 'my daddy rocks' But i'm going to buy a nice picture frame so oh can have a pic on his desk at work but other than that I'm not sure what else to get him!!!
  • Ha my thoughts exactly.
    Im currently on the search but honestly my mind had gone blank image

    How are you doing anyway babe?

  • I'm doing ok, just getting more impatient by the day! my oh is too (very unlike him) Got mw today, i;m going to cry the poor tale and see if she'll give me a sweep.

    How are you doing?

    Gem x

  • Oooo can you let me know how you get on and how easy it is to pursuade the mw?

    Im okkkay, gutted its snowing because its ruined my plans for the day image
    Both me and my OH are so impatient.
    We have been so prepared for babies arrival so its just the waiting game now image

  • I think my mw will say no tbh. She's a community mw and i'm having my baby out of her area, so she basically wont do anything 'extra' She wont even discuss my birth plan Grr! But i will try my very best to persuade her.

    We're the same we've been prepared for weeks (ok months) in the hope he would arrive a little earlier!
  • Check out these t-shirts I think theyre just adorable and will totally be getting my OH one or two!


  • Ooo, i love those t's
  • its like a gang war between hospitals- its so silly!

    Aimz i wonder what our oh will get us? diamonds?
  • Believe me Gem, I have hinted ;\) hehe.

    What time have you got your MW appt?

    Euuugh, im so annoyed with this snow, was ment to be meeting a friend today but instead looks like im stuck in the house all day.

  • I've done more than hinted- sent him numerous emails at work with lots of sparkly things! i keep telling him he's got lots of pressies to buy over the next 6 weeks (valentines, birth of baby, my birthday and mothers day) i can but hope he will remember at least one of those events!

    my app is at 2pm. hopefully the snow wont be too bad, so i can get there!

    grr at being stuck in all day. i was the same yesterday, spent all morning cleaning, then all afternoon sorting my pics and putting some on face book (thrilling afternoon it was)

  • LOL, i have not been that obvious, but perhaps with my OH it might be!

    OMG we get mothers day too image thats next month.
    Might write a gift list ;\)

    I really should get off my bottom &&& do some housework, but if i do it all now i'll be stuck for something to do later on todayy.

    Its STILL snowing here, i cant believe it.
  • yeah its still snowing here too. Just had a lovely thought- If it snows like this again next year we'll be able to go outside and play with our lo in the snow!!
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