just had my 20wk scan.....

.......ITS A BOY!!
bit of a shock as i was expecting it to be a girl, we havent had a boy in the family for 13 years!


  • nice one congratulations!!!

    my family is the other way round and just seem to have boys all the time !! lol xxx
  • Congraulations on your little boy I am still in shock that I am having a boy as there isnt a boy in the family since my brother who is 22 so never thought I would have a boy.

    Congrats xxx


  • same here it still hasnt sunk in! im just happy everythings ok and will have to tear myself away from the pink section lol have no clue about baby boys as ive always been around little girls xx
  • its mad isnt it, feels weird calling it him instead of it for some reason ???
  • Ah that's fantastic news! Congratulations on your blue bump! xxxx


  • that's lovely news - congrats.
    We are having a boy too - after 2 girls, it will be weird. Not to mention that the last baby in the family was almost 15 years ago too!!

    I think its lovey to be able to say he now - you'll get used to it - it has helped me bond.

  • aww congratulations and snap lol!!! I'm putting together a list for the aug forum so I've added you on I'll prob post it after eater though cos I go away 2moz xxx
  • aww thanx everyone! im going to go shopping this week and get a lovely blue outfit ready for my lovely blue bump lol xx
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