Anyone got nintendo DS?

My oh bought me a nintendo DS, brain training and more training for christmas and i spent all day christmas day in competition with my Brother-in law to see who's brainiest my oh is a bit useless on it.

I started off with a brain age of 80 managed to bring it right down to 32 which is almost my real age but the last couple of days its gone back to 42 and 52 for both games My brother in law is at 72 but has only really had one go.

I just spent almost my entire wage on a new TV for 900 pound I hope i don't regret it in a few weeks. I have all the baby essentials all ready I Hope just got to get myself some nursing bras.

good luck everyone 34+2


  • It always gives you a really rubbish age at first, it takes a while to get it down. Before long you'll be like me and have an age of 20! tehe!
  • Hi,
    I got a nintendo ds for xmas too & i can't get off the damn thing!!! I'm not doing too well on the brain training though - i need more practice.
    I only found out i was pregnant on the 23rd December, which was the best Xmas present ever, but the DS helps to relax me and take my mind off worrying!
  • i got one and managed to get the best score for the brain age and since then i haven't bothered to test the age again as it can only get worse!!!

    i have spent all afternoon trying to do level 4-7 on Yoshi's Island although i'm sure it's impossible. I'm sure my baby will be hating it because i get so annoyed with it! we also managed to get a Wii and that's driving me nuts too!
  • My brother in law wants a ds now too. My brain age did get better on boxing day got it right down to 32 but since then it's gone back up again probably due to the fact that i have spent the best part of the last few days throwing up (sorry TMI) have had very little sleep and am made up with cold.

    Oh trying to get me to buy warioware for ds. anyone had it.
  • Yup, I like warioware! My favourite game has to be Animal Crossing tho. Just got Mario Party DS for Christmas and its great fun! Its like a board game type thing with mini games.
  • What sort of game is it?
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