Constantly worrying!!

Hi Girls,

I thought id be quite relaxed about the pregnancy thing however i seem to be a complete nightmare. Only found out on Tues that im pg and am dated at 5+6.
I constantly worry about every ache and pain and cant seem to get excited as i worry that something is going to go wrong.
I had a pain on Thurs night and convinced myself i was having an etopic pregnancy (went to the toilet and it appeared that was all i needed! sorry tmi)
My close friend has recently lost 2 pregnancies so maybe this is why im not as relaxed as i thought.
My hubbie keeps teling me to stop stressing but i cant seem to help it!!
Anyone else like this?



  • It's natural to be worried! I had a mc and when I found out I was pg for the second time I convinced myself it was going to happen again. Every time I went to the loo I was terrified there would be blood but luckily there never was! After the 12 week stage your risk of mc reduces dramatically but then lots of other things to worry about appear!
    You just have to try to relax as stressing isn't good for your baby or you. It is difficult but try to enjoy it because the time goes so fast and before you know it you'll have a tiny, dependant baby in your arms and you'll wonder what the hell happened!!

    Best of luck.
  • Hi hun dont worry, I think we all feel like this at the beginning of a pregnancy when symptoms are either really light or not existant. I was exactly the same, I was fuming when hubby told his parents when I was only 5 weeks gone because I was so sure something was going to be wrong, but I'm 22 weeks now! I'm still a real worrier though, my placenta is anterior (which means its lying in front of the baby) so it cushions alot of the movement and kicks and I constantly worry when I dont feel it move. As your pregnancy progresses your symptoms will be more obvious and maybe you'll be able to relax. Although dont be surprised if they all disappear completley at 9 weeks, alot of women find that the symptoms vanish altogether at 9 weeks but its nothing to worry about. The aches and pains your feeling are probably implantation and even if you get a little bit of spotting that again could be implantation. I hope you manage to start to relax soon and enjoy the pregnancy hun.
  • Thanks girls,
    I promise i will try to stop stressing so much. Also practically everyone at work knows. I had to disclose it this early due to the nature of my work and now the rumour is rife which doesnt help i suppose.
    I just cant wait to have that fist scan and see that everything is going well.x
  • hi hun im 6 weeks pg although not too sure of dates as i have known for about 2 and a half weeks now! anyhow i feel the same as you im worried sick of something going wrong. i have already had one healthy preg and my son is 1 but it doesnt stop me from worrying. my symptoms have kicked in big time now though and i feel sick when hungry and have heatburn (bain of last pg) but i still worry and will do until my scan in 2 weeks! try and relax a little and dont worry about no symptoms you might be one of the lucky ones!!!! xx
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