Bad Cough

Hi Girls,

Ive had the sniffles over the last few days and today I have developed the worst irritating cough ever (hence why I am still up at silly o clock)
Ive heard that coughing puts alot of pressure on the baby and in extreme cases can cause early labour. Im now panicking.
Is there anything thats safe to take for coughs whilst pregnant.
I am 28+3wks


  • Only thing I've ever been allowed by pharmacy is a honey & lemon linctus.
  • erm i'm not sure what u can take, probably best to ask a pharmacist they might allow u the childs benelyn or something, other than that u can make ur self some hot honey and lemon to drink that can help to soothe it


  • I dont think a cough can actually cause early labour so i wouldnt worry about that.

    I have had a bad cough for last week and you can take simple linctus. Its not brilliant but it does help to soothe. Its about ??1.50 and I got some from tesco. The pharmacist didnt want to let me have it but i double checked with midwife and its fine. It doesnt actually say the usual stuff about checking before taking when pregnant which most medicines do.
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