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I think i have the right person. Apologies if i dont. Have you changed your avatar pic recently. I know i have seen a pic with a little one in a pink seat - which supports thelittle one to sit up. If that was your pic - could you tell me where to get one, I saw these when my daughter was younger and thought they were a great idea but she was too old by then. thanks
Trace x


  • butting in... do you mean bumbo seats? you can get them in mothercare
  • I have no idea what they are called, when i saw them it was on telly several years ago, not seen any in leaflets ive had. Thanks for that i will go and have a look on their site.
  • I know the picure you mean. It's definitely a Bumbo. I had one with my first baby, they're fab! Some of my friends little ones didn't get on with them though. It might be worth seeing if anyone has got one you can try first as they're nearly ??30 in the shops. You can get them in Mothercare, Argos etc. I got mine from Ebay brand new for ??20.
  • That was such a cute avatar Tallkatie!

    13+2 x
  • Yeah it was a bumbo i searched on mothercare site for Bumbo thanks to sleepybeccie and that was what i wanted.

    Thank you for advice ladies. x
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