omg my boobs!!

hi i am 17 weeks and it seems over night my boobs have doubled in size!! they def weren't like it last week! and now i have 1 bra that fits!! xx


  • hehe!the joys of pregnancy,i'd go get fitted for sum new bras hun,mothercare r quite good x

  • Mine have grown so huge that when I lay on my back they are nearly under my chin lol

    34C to a 36E...wowsers and only 24 weeks!!!!!! lol
  • I;m 16 weeks and mine have def grown and bra getting tight! Mind you they also still hurt quite a lot!
  • i'm nearly 36 weeks now, my boobs have got bigger but still the same bra size! how does that make sense???? was measured at m&s pre & about twice during pregnancy so far, although back wise i've gone from a 36 to a 38. pregnancy works in mysterious ways!!!;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • im dreading this bit (only 4 wks pregnant) as im a 36g now so god knows what i size might end up or even where im going to buy any from lol xx
  • found this website, beautiful undies up to G cup, but a bit pricey.

  • thanks swishswoo will take a look xx
  • I was big chested to begin with, 34F and have now gone up to a G cup - I hope they don't get any bigger as I don't know what I'm going to do! also my nipples are still mega sore, (I'm 18 weeks) like so bad sometimes they feel like they're on fire - my oh was really sweet and went and bought me some cream to put on them which helps a bit. I don't remember having this with my first pregnancy, has anyone else had this??

  • oooh absmum that was one of the first post i put on here. i was a Hcup to start with and sometimes my nipples hurt like HELL it feels like freezer burn, ive found a warm bath helps and maybe some cotton wool in the bra over the nipple as the slightest thing irritates them.
  • Thanks artygal, I will definitely try the cotton wool in the bra thing - anything to ease it!! x
  • i was a 44ff, but after weight lose they are a 36B, and to make it worse there is still growing room in my B cup bra and I'm already 17+4!!
  • I have gone from a 34b to a 34c and now they seemed to have stopped...for a while.

    24 weeks and 3 days
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