until my babys birth but if hes anything like his sister was he'll b 2weeks l8 ill have to b induced i really hope that wnt happen.how long has every1else got to wait?


  • me2 really hope so i dnt think i could cope with waiting anuva 2weeks lol.ive been told my baby will weigh around 8lb again which is what my daughter weighed so if i go overdue he'll prob b quite big i dnt think i could push nething bigger then 8lb out lol
  • they say average weight for newborn is 7lb7 i weighed 6lb9 wen i was born i was 16days l8 my ex was bout 8lb mark so i think the babies get the dads personality.image
  • Hiya, I still have 45 days to go! It seems like a long time, really hope I'm not late.

    My midwife says he will be big, but not too big to push out, lol. I havent put on much so I dont think he'll be huge. I was 8lb 5 at birth and my oh was 5lbs 13.


  • I have 42 days left getting all excited now although she may arrive early keeping my legs crossed for the time being give it another couple of weeks till my new kitchen is fitted and ill be wanting her out lol Sophie 33+3 xx


  • oh was u 5weeks bluddy ell i thought once u get over 2weeks most ppl have to b induced cos of the risk of baby dying or sumink goin wrong.o so basically your baby could arrive netime in july then ull b wonderin everyday "i wonder if my baby will come today"lol yer im havin a boy goin to call him Eli i think its unusual i love it image.yer im well excited just want him to come now dont want him to b late but he prob will be.
  • gd luck for ur c-sec hope all goes wel ull soon have ur baby in ur arms lucky devil.i got 5-7weeks togo imageboohoo!!!
    abbie,hope+bluebump 35wk+1
  • Iv got 39 days left i cant wait!!! Iv still got 2 weeks left at work so hopefully when iv finished the last 3 weeks will fly by, providing she doesnt go overdue!!!!
  • iv got 26 days left till my little boy is supposed to arrive,
    iv been told by midwife and doctor that they dont think ill go that far, my daughter was 2 weeks early and waighed 7 pound 1oz, this baby is messuring 4 weeks bigger so dont want to go over as he will be massive lol.
    the days are going so fast now since i hit 40 days, so 26 days will soon be here and i cant wate.


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