umbilical hernia.

I have had this lttle lump above my belly button since having my son 5 1/2 months ago, but since being pg again it has got slightly bigger, over the last few days ive had a pain across my tummy like a stich just thought it was pg aches and pains so didnt think anything of it, yesterday was up town and the pain was really bad right up the front of my tummy so i came home and after sitting down it eased off .

I was sat on the floor changing my sons nappy and i coughed and the lump shout out and i felt a pop then really bad pain so i rang the emergency docs and they said to go up and i saw the doc an he said it was aumbilical hernia, so he pushed it back in, he said it would need surgery if it gets worse but they wont do anything while im pg, i have to take it easy when coughing,sneezing, bending, lifting etc as if if keeps poping out it will get bigger and may become strangulated and that is very serious as it cuts of the blood supply to part of my bowel and it could die and get infected. He said it will get bigger the bigger i get.

I am just really concerned about what will happen when i go into labour and have to push etc, do you think they will have to plan ahead for it like a c-section, has anyone else had one whilst pg and what happened as any advice would be much apprieciated as im a little stressed and cant see doc til mon and mw til tue thanks.
vikki xx


  • Sorry to hear about ur situation, it sounds very painful and uncomfortable and must be very worrying for you. I suspect they might suggest a section for u closer to the time depending on the size of the hernia by then. Sorry not much help iv never heard of this before but im sure ur in safe hands. Gud luck, keep us informed. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Vikki,

    I too have an umbilical hernia from when I was a baby. I only recently found out as I was visiting my Mums when I was around 20 weeks pregnant and told her that my tummy button felt just like it wasa going to split! It was sore like this for a few weeks but nowhere near as bad as yours. It also popped right out everytime I coughed or laughed. So now have to hold it if I know I am going to cough.

    I mentioned this to my midwife and she didn't seem concerned at all. I eventually got her to write it in my notes as I was worried it could cause a problem when i'm pushing in labour.

    Like I said, mine is no where near as bad as yours sounds but they still said that the pushing shouldn't affect it. They said not to worry about it unless it pops out and stays out, but yours has already done that.

    I'm realising this is making no sense at all! Sorry!

    You must definately mention it to midwives and doctors though as a c-section may be better in your situation.

    If it helps, mine hasn't got any worse the bigger I have got (and i'm huuuuge now!) but my belly button is constantly poking out but 'normal' people get that anyway. It just sticks out really far when I cough. Hubby thinks its hillarious!

    But defo tell midwife and doc how concerned you are hun!

    Love Amy
    39+2 xxxxx
  • Thanks for your replys, i am going to docs this morning to get some advice as been stressed out all weekend.
    They think it was from my second pg with my son as i was massive and when he was born he was 10 lb, this time im 18 weeks tomorrow and big again so they are going to monitor me a bit closer this time and have to have scan at 36 weeks for size, its just knowing how big i was i am just wondering how much bigger this will get and its bad enough with all the pg aches and pains without this added pain aswell.
    vikki xx
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