Yummy mummy Vs Slummy mummy

***also in due in feb***

Bit of a silly one really girlies....

For the last 26 wks i;ve just not been arsed with my appearance, not a scrap of make up touched my chubby cheeks, i've lived in a track suit (which wasn't even a juicy couture one!) and have been wearing my granny pants with pride!!!

Well not anymore! last week i decided i want to be a yummy mummy! my oh went out and bought me a beautiful coat (ok its the size of a tent, but its still lovely) he also bought me some nice mat clothes and some new make up. So i've been making a huge effort to make myself look nice, i really want to keep it up all the way through the rest of my pregnancy and even when my little my little man is here.

Are any of you mummies to be worried about being a slummy mummy???

P.S I'm not giving up my granny pants though!!!!


  • haha, i practically live in my pj's at the mo lol. i have hardly any maternity clothes and think it makes more sense to save them for when i actualy leave the apartment lol. whenever i do go out tho i make an effort and won't brave the outdoors without make up. im hoping once i'm back in the uk i'll be able to get some more clothes and spruce up a bit more often especially as i will get out and about more as i'll actually have friends and family to see lol. but i do feel a bit sry for the OH he see's me mainly in my pj bottoms and one of his old t shirts, mind u as soon as he comes thru the door from work he tends to strip down to his undies anyway lol




  • OMG Siany my oh does exactly the same.... i just thought my oh was weird!! worse thing is though i've kinda picked up the same habit- my work pants come off as soon as i hit home ! (ohh i'm painting a lovely picture of myself for you aren't i)
  • I never wanted to be a slummy mummy, as I always take a lot of pride in how I look. Wont leave the house without my hair being straightened, and certainly without no make up on!!! I always made an effort before I got pregnant so things never changed when I was. Now, 3 weeks after giving birth I've got my tummy back!! And even smaller than before I got pregnant!!

  • lol waterbaby, i also thought it was just my OH that did that! hehe

  • well im a mum of three and my days are mixed
    unless we are going out at the weekends im a defo slummy mummy i barley leave my bed, me and the kids and a lot of the time hubby too get into our bed and spend the day watching movies and just being lazy
    But during the week i get dressed and do my make-up and hair

    the last few weeks of my pregnancy i lived in joggers as maternity clothes no longer fitted right or comfortably x
  • Im a bit vain really, so im the opposite. I almost always get dressed up and ALWAYS put make up on 7 days a week, regardless of whether Im taking my daughter to school or staying indoors all day.

    I don't own a pair of jogging bottoms or a tracksuit. I really wish I could relax a bit more but I just can't! image

    Maybe I should make more of an effort to go out and buy some casual clothes and ditch the make up a bit more often?? - probably not but maybe.

    When I was in labour with my daughter, I had my pjs on but I did my hair and put a full face of make up on!! lol
  • I'm an in betweener but its still early days for me. I do my hair and make up for work every day but as soon as I get home I put my dressing gown on and have been known to stay in it all day if we're not going out on the weekend.

    I def want to be a yummy mummy once the babys born though as I still want to be out and about as much as possible. It being our first though, I have no idea what to expect regarding tiredness etc so that all could change...

    Bec 14+3 x
  • I would love to be a yummy mummy but its easier said than done with a newborn! I have a 3 week old baby and barely have time to wash my hair never mind straighten and style it! I live in jogging bottoms (you can nap in them when you get time lol). Maybe in a few weeks i can start working on my yummyness but for now im slummy ha ha.

    Dont put too much pressure on yourselves cos your baby will make sure you have slummy days. Like when you are out and they throw up on you so you have to spend the rest of the day with baby sick on you.
  • Im an inbetweener too. Im yummy (ish!) for work and any social events-alwyas do hair makeup etc but as soon as im at home im straight into my pj's, it's just so much more comfortable. I've not bought many maternity clothes either so i save them for best.

    Something i have kept on top of is 'grooming' upstairs and down-no hairy legs for me! Also been giving myslef a mani/pedi every few weeks! x
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