Been in hospital today, looks like i might be in slow labour! i went for a routine visit to my midwife but as you guys know i have been in agony with irregular contractions for past 4 days. she didnt poke about up there coz she didnt wanna break my waters by accident if they havent already gone ( i had a leak last week) . so she has taken a swab to find out if anything is kicking off up there yet. Got put on the monitor, babys heartbeat is a bit fast which is apparently a sign labour is on the way. She has let me home to rest but wants me straight back in if im really in pain like i was last night. so im hopeing baby will be saying hello really soon! XX image


  • OMG - you must be frantic!!! How exciting???? Gonna be looking out to see if you are here tomorrow morning lol

    Are you running round getting stuff ready in case you go in tonight?

    Love Lee xxxxx
  • thanks for the update, lets hope baby doesnt take too long xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I'm fairly new on here but wanted to say hi and good luck!! Hope everything goes ok for you.
    Keep us posted! Lydiaxx
  • Thanks everyone, im still home at the mo, to be honest i feel pretty normal tonight (boo hoo) ha ha but i might just be having a little rest before the biggy, i will keep you all posted thanks for the support XXX

  • Good luck hun! image you due the day after me image but I've had nothing so far image;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

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  • aww hey thats good, wouldnt it be funny if you go before me hayley_jc? hahaha XX

  • bin to mw this afternoon & she doesn't think that m lo going to make an appearance any time soon image
    me & oh are beginning to get annoyed now, well... more impatient! bought everything, decorated bedroom, finished his first wardrobe & half way through second, both mine & lo hospital bags are packed so we've not really got anything to do;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • hiya chrissy hope baby comes soon for you hun
    nothing worse than waiting lol
    take care hugs von xx

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