Idea's for telling the family!

Hiya Girls,

Me and the OH hae ben talking bout how to tell our families. We are telling them on christmas day altogether but want to make it a bit special!

So any idea's on how we can make it special for them?

Thanks in advance



  • Hi Zoes44

    You could create individual cards for them,telling them 'happy xmas grandad' etc!!! I couldnt contain it and had to tell them all!!!

  • HI
    I found out week before christmas last year, we got fil a grandad card and got my mum the good granma's guide they were both chuffed after they finally realised what we were trying to say
  • That is such a lovely poem fairy fluffy - youve made my eyes fill up!!

  • Hi Zoes44,

    Was just about to reply in baby due in Aug but came here for a nose first!! We're also telling all our family together on Xmas day, I'll be 7 weeks by then, be amazed if we can keep it quiet until then mind! Although this is my second pregnancy and the first time we managed to keep it a secret until I was 10 weeks!! It was a lovely moment last time, my Dad was crying and everything, just hope it will be as special this time. My plan so far is to write at the bottom of each person's card -by the way... I'm pregnant' and see who shouts out first - this only works if you open Xmas cards on Xmas Day like us though!! I'm planning to do the same with my friends!! I can't wait to tell everyone, just hope things go smoothly until then, always feel like I'm jinxing myself when I write on here!!
  • Fairy fluffy that is sooo lovely, I have tears streaming down my face!
  • wow fairy fluffy, you should sell that poem to moonpig or somewhere and make some dosh! its beautiful, ive never read anything like that, dont think u can even buy cards like that. how sweet!
  • When i told my parents first time i bought a granparents foto album (fotos of the grandchild) the first foto in it was my scan and the second that mum put in was a foto of me about a wk before i gave birth not very flattering but nice to look back on !!
    Jo x
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