squashing baby?

this is prob a silly question. bt i worry if i bend a certain way il squash him?
or wen i roll over in bed- from left to right, he tips n gets all wonky?
does tht mk sense??


  • hey i wouldn't worry too much about it. baby is completely protected, with all the amniotic fluid and womb and other stuff getting in the way of any bumps or whatever. i think the only way you'll hurt the little one would be if you hit your bump really hard or got it trapped somewhere.
  • ha i feel i rite wolly 4 asking stgupid questions-ha..

  • I asked my midwife this because I don't really have a proper bump and so I am not conscious of it being there as maybe some people are.

    She reassured me they are well protected in there and said my body would know when I need to stop bending over, or lying a certain way, sitting a certain way etc...

    I am sure you're fine!

    Joo xxx
  • I worry about this too, especially when I bend down to pick something up as my bump gets squished, so you're not the only one! x
  • i find myself squating 2 pick things up- doesnt look very lady like- ha
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