OMG! Eastenders!

What a horrible ending! i was in floods of tears... just wanna say- if u havnt seen it and was planning on watching it later u might not want to, being pregnant (ESPECIALLY IF UR DUE SOON). My baby is nearly 16 weeks old and thats the last thing i wanted to watch tonight im glad im not preggers still

Take care anyway all mummies, bumps and mummies to be

Hannah xx


  • hannah youre so right!
    im 36+3 and it scared the shit out of me! could not stop wailing!! really upset me actually not sure if they needed to be so graphic this week..the fight was bad enough, and the way honey fell..
    im just concerned now wit gettin lump here safe..sooner rather than later, im so scared now.

  • My oh said he is going to write into the BBC. That was way out of order to show something so violet so early in the evening!! I too was crying and upset, I'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant, have a 23 month old - that is not something I wanted to settle down infront of the TV to.

    Especially cuz they are going to show that episode on Sunday afternoon - it just too much!!

    So I ask pregnant mums out there not to put yourself through the sadness of watching on sunday. It causes too much unnecessary stress to your unborn baby.

    The producers of Eastenders need a good talking to. They don't know who they're stressing out out there.
  • Yep - I am a nervous bloody wreck now...I was anyway as being induced on Friday and petrified of something going wrong - have had 2 good inductions before, but then I worry as I've had 2 Ok ones that the 3rd one will be difficult...especially as I will only be 37+3...let's hope it is good news on Thursdays episode!!!
  • Hi callyb,

    Hope you don't mind my asking, why did they induce you before and why now again so early? Karys x
  • i was in tears 2!! my 11yr old thinks i have lost the plot, it dosnt take much to get me going lately but enders was really upsetting tonight. xx
  • im still crying now, that was the most upsetting thing ever, bloody hormones! x
  • Hi Karys - no problem asking, that's what we are all here for!

    First one at 38 weeks due to pre-eclampsia, 2nd one at due date due to pre-eclampsia and this one due to symptoms of OC - but not classic symptoms - it has my consultant a bit confused, but they tend to induce a bit early as there can be a chance of still birth in later weeks. I had steroids at 34+3 &+4 for her lungs and I am on vitamin K to help with blood clotting. It is the ALT levels in my bloods which keep going haywire - plus I have the classic itching on my hands and feet.

    They were going to do it today, but wanted to wait for the head to drop a little bit more - to be honest I was expecting them to do it at 38/39 weeks so was rather shocked yesterday when she said 'tomorrow or Friday' I dont think my hubby has even seen me go so quiet!!

  • it really was very graphic wasnt it. im really annoyed about it, hope they get lots of gonna have to email em now!
  • it was really sad, but i suppose these things do happen and everything bad that happens on the show probably offends someone whos been thru it or is in a similar situation
  • they will never please everyone, if nice and happy things happened all the while they proberly wouldent have many viewers.
  • I was in bits - but I think it will be ok - it has to be !!

  • I agree it was horrendous.
    I was trying so hard not to cry at the end but hubby must have known as he grabbed my hand and gave me a big kiss. It was so awful.
    My emails are with yahoo and on the sign in page it gives you news feeds and a few days ago it said that this week was a big week for Eastenders and someone dies. I assumed it was just someone random but need to know if its Honey or her baby boy now as if it is i'm never going to watch Eastenders again!
    My hubby said it might be Janet as she is upstairs alone with that dog but not even Eastenders are that sick.
    I need to find out who dies before I watch it! xx
  • hi all
    I cried all last night, they should be a little more senstive. I am 9 weeks and I have a four year old son, my boyfriend lives in London so I called him in tears after it and he just must have thought I was mad. In the end I went and gave my son and cuddle to make myself feel better, I know its sad but soaps with storylines like that can cause that effect I hope Eastenders let this one be a happy ending x
  • Hi there
    I too was completely shocked at how graphic eastenders was, I'm a fan of the show but that was too much I think, I'm a first time mum of a 13wk old, I burst into tears as soon as the credits rolled due to the shock, my hubby missed it as he was walking the dog but I'm sure he'd have understood why! I went straight up to my babies cotside to check on her
  • don't have a tv aerial so don't get to watch it what happened thats upset every one?
  • Some thugs barged into the Queen Vic looking for someone, caused loads of damage and beat up a few people. Then Honey came downstairs and heard the thugs beating the person up that they were looking for, she went down to the cellar where it was happening and tried to protect Jason but she got pushed over into some kegs of beer. She went into labour and they rushed her to hospital where they said she had suffered a placental abrubtion and they needed to deliver the baby asap as it was in distress. It was finally born but was having to be resusitated as he wasn't crying or breathing. Honey & Billy were crying to find out what the matter was. It was very sad but is also something that is very rare so people should try not to worry about it too much. I'm sure the baby will survive, it needs to have a happy ending.
  • wow intense no wonder you all were crying! poor honey! do they still have the lil girl?
  • i didn't watch it phew - would definatly have me in tears though... i really hope it ends in a nice way. image xx and all you pregnant people out there everyone thinks somethings going to go wrong, but remember its very rare, xxxxx
  • thank god i wasnt the only wreck!!! as soon as it ended i burst into tears and couldnt stop!! oh came running from the other sofa to cuddle me!!
    but its a soap and i all bound to be fine
    24 weeks xxx
  • I see lots of u already watched it then, well- i think complaining is a good idea because there wasnt even a warning was there- and to think its gonna be replayed on Sunday again in the middle of the afternoon?! well, i might have missed the warning but if not they should have said that some veiwers may find these scenes distressing or something. I would have been really mad if i was just about to have my baby and watched that! Anyway, please try not to worry- i was quite high risk and was induced at 42 weeks but my labour was fine and went very smoothly so just concentrate on how happy u will be when u get to meet ur LO as it really is the best experience of ur life and u dont want it ruined by a TV soap making u anxious (like we dont feel scared enough already hey!!??)

    Anyway Good luck to all expectant mums and for those of u who haven't had any babies before- u really are heading for the most amazing experience ever
    Take care
    Hannah xx

    p.s - Fingers crossed Honey's baby is fine and we have a happy ending to look forward to on Thurs then (they really shouldnt have ended it like that last night!)
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