HURRAY, movement at last.

Hurray, baby kept me awake for 2 hours last night with first movements I have felt! My stomach was jumping all over the place so a pretty full on introduction after nearly 23 weeks of nothing!! Tried to wake hubby but he was sound but I am so relieved that I felt something finally. Now I'm feeling them all the time! Also, had my 22 week scan today and doc says probably haven't felt anything cos I was a runner so stomach muscles were really toned and holding movements in. Going by last night, baby might be marathon runner just like mum and dad. Hurray! xx


  • Hey mummym,

    Thats sounds so cool. I felt my first movements about a week ago and now I get them all the time, its so starnge feeling a little person moving around inside you.
    Sounds like your bubby may be an athlete lol

  • Hay,
    Really happy for u, its lovely to feel ur baby for the first time and I know it makes me smile everytime baby moves. However just wait til baby gets bigger n starts kicking the s**t out of you, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • I'm 18 weeks with my 4th and so far have only felt the odd movement.I feel odd as I'm sure I felt more sooner with my other 3!Maybe the baby has its back to me so I can't feel much.Then again I'm not really showing much either! No visable bump.Just look a little fat at the mo!!
  • Hi, your all so lucky im 31+1 wks and i still dnt feel anything i have been to the hospital and seen the mw bout this and they say baby is fine and healthy so im not to worry. But its hard not to as everyone seems to feel so much. im meant to go to see mw every wk to check lo heart beat but that never lasted long as my last apointment on 29/1 and my next is 18/2 why do we get told somethin and somethin else happens. i can only hope everythin is ok.i can tell he has moved when i feel my stomach and his postion his position has changed. i would love to have that movement feeling it must be so nice. hope your alll having a happy healthy pregnancys.
    tori X
  • its the gratest feeling when you start feeling baby move, glad you have started feeling movment hun xxx

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