Enough already!!!!

Has anyone had frequent and incredibly strong braxton hicks for days before labour began?

I've been having them for a week now and they make my head feel like its going to explode! According to Dr on thurs I'm not dliated at all so am really starting to get so fed up with these contractions that are doing NOTHING!

Does anyone have experience of this? and how long did you have them before going into actual labour?

Mrs E


  • Hi Mrs E
    I'm sorry I can't offer any practical advise, I'm only 30+5, all I canb say is hang in there and just think your going to meet your little baby any day now.
    Good luck and keep us updated with how you are getting on
  • Hate to tell you this but i had these for about 3 weeks before i went in to labour. So from 37 - 40 weeks. They were so painful at times but never got less than 20 minutes apart. Hopefully you wont have them for too much longer and your lo will be here soon.
  • I have been having strong BH from around 26weeks. I am still getting them just as strong at 40 weeks and no sign of labour
  • They are not doing nothing, they are preparing your uterus for labour and studies have shown that women with strong BH contractions during pregnancy have quicker easier labours. You'll have the fittest uterus in the hospital LOL
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