24 wks and bleeding?!!!

Hi all. I'm 24 wks and started bleeding. At first I didnt had any pains then i started having mild pains like period pains. I phoned my midwife but couldnt get hold of her. I'm worried, what should i do?


  • I would make a trip to hospital hun if you are worried, especially if you are getting pains.

    I hope everything is ok, let us know you are alrgiht

  • ring your labour ward straight away. they will most likely advise you to go in for monitoring. the phone number should be on your hospital appointment card or notes
  • If you haven't already I would go to the Maternity unit/hospital your attending & bring your notes with you.
    Fingers crossed everything is OK with you, let us know.
  • Hi! Definitely get yourself to your EPU or maternity and get checked out. My friend had bleeding at 26 weeks and it was her placenta coming away from the uterus. Lckily everything turned out OK, but you should definitely het to the hospital and put your mind at rest. Good luck. XXX
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