I hate my oh (warning rant!)

I hate my stupid boyfriend.

He doesn't seem interested in the baby at all!! I have done everything pregnancy and baby related on my own! I did the baby's room on my own (put up wardrobe, chest of drawers, cot, decorate everything alone) My mum went mental at me for doing it because I was 30 weeks plus at the time, but if I didn't make a start on it, nothing would have happened I can promise you that! My baby would be born with nothing if it weren't for me.

I have taken care and prepared for everything and I hate feeling like a man now and doing everything that the dad should do. His excuse is he's tired from working all day...well other dads work just as hard as him and they still do all the baby stuff too. I stay at home now and look after our 2 year old. He doesn't seem to understand that what I do is hard work too, run the house and look after a little one and be pregnant (which is a massive drain in itself).

He crys to things like Maria's baby dying on Coronation street and then throws a tantrum and storms off when I ask him to help me with something to do with the baby and leaves me to do it myself AGAIN!! I sometimes think he doesn't deserve to be having this baby.

It's so upsetting for me not to have a supporting partner. I don't even want him to be at the birth anymore as I'm scared he'll be as useless as he is now.

Sorry to rant, I just need to get this all out cuz I feel like crying most of the time. :cry:



  • so i'm not mad in thinking this isn't right. I want to leave him, but I can't for the sake of my daughter. She is more excited about this baby she loves patting my tummy and calling the baby's name. she even tried to help me put up the crib in the baby's room and the smile on her face when it was finished made me cry. but i have to be strong for her. these feelings of excitment should be felt by the dad too i'm sure.

    I have told him so many times about how I feel then he says he will try harder, but of course it never happens. I really don't know what else to do. whenever it try to talk to him about it it ends in an argument so i don't bother anymore.


  • Oh hun, I can totally sympathise with you. When I told my oh that I had had some bleeding, his reply was 'Yeah? Any films on tonight?' When I went off on one about him not caring he said ' you had bleeding last time and it was fine.' !!!

    Your oh should definately be showing more of an interest, and also being more supportive of you. It IS tiring to look after lo's, especially when pg. I dont think men can fully appreciate just how flat-out exhausted we can feel.

    Expecting you to put up the nursery furniture at 30+weeks is bloody rediculous!!

    As Zoey has said, try and have a heart to heart with him, lay your cards on the table, and mention that you are so fed up that you are considering leaving him. That may just be the wake-up call he needs!

    Personally, when I want a talk with no arguments, I get a couple of beers in for oh. (but only a couple, enough to get him mellow but not stupid!). Dont know how your oh reacts to booze tho, but if it mellows him out, it could be worth a try?

    Good luck hun. I hope he comes to his senses soon x


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