Advice needed about a job interview!

Hi all.

Jus thad a dilemma I'm hoping you ladies could help with, particularly anyone who works in HR, or anyone who might have been in a similar position.

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. I submitted an application for a new job in the place that i already work- it's a lovely job, suited much better to my skills than what I'm currently doing, went to have a chat with the lady and it just seems perfect. I've been invited to interview next week, and wonder if I should tell them at the end of my interview that I'm pregnant... I'd feel that I had deceived them a bit if i was offered the job, accepted and then said, by the way... I'm having a baby in October.... am having conflicting advice from friends, some say keep quiet, others say come clean... i basically don't want to annoy them... but I would love the job. And if I didn't get, i'd love for them to interview me just so that they knew about me and my skills in case anything came up in the office in future.

What do you guys think?

Thank you!


  • mmm ... tough one. You dont legally have to notify your emplyer until 25 weeks if you dont want to. Some people dont know they're pregnant at this stage ... my friend was 15 weeks when she found out.
    But as you say, you dont want to decieve anybody. But knowing you're pregnant may make them less likely to give you the job.
  • they're not supposed to descriminate against you for being pregnant but in reality they will prob put the needs of the business first and I think it would go against you if you told them. So i wouldn't as it's your choice when to say and if you're the best person for the job then you should get it.
  • I wld keep quiet - I dont care what people say but i think it wld jeopodise you getting the position (even though legally it is not supposed to)!

    good luck xx
  • My opinion would be not to tell them. Just one thought though, if you were to get the job would it count as service for the same company? You wouldn't want it to affect your maternity pay hun x
  • I would also say not to tell them. I know you might feel bad about it but you aren't going to be lying to them. They, however, could very easily discount you immediately for the job - even if they aren't allowed to and even if they are normally lovely, as they may well think business first.
    It would be good to check out your position re SMP if its possible without giving the game away!!!!

  • Thanks girls, very useful advice. I'm going to check with HR before I make my decision.

  • I would agree with the others, if accepting a new position doesn't compromise your maternity pay (it shouldn't seeing as its within the same company!) then don't tell them before your interview. Good luck x
  • Discrimination is rife in this world. There are laws in place to stop you being discriminated against because you are pregnant, but don't think it doesn't happen. It definately does! If you are the best candidate, but they don't want to hire you because you are pregnant, then they will make up some other reason. Also, if you don't get the job, will you be always wondering if it was just beause you are pregnant? Don't tell them. It's your right not to tell them. Don't feel bad about it. These lawa are put in place to protect you and you should use the full protection that they offer. Good luck.
  • I just wanted to tell my story, because telling can also have it's positives. I told my boss I was pregnant at 5 weeks, mainly because I always had fights with my supervicor and I wanted her to know that I could be overreacting a bit. We already knew we were to made redundant after three months and I was fine with it. But during the last month of me working there, she asked me while I did not apply for an extension on my contract. (some people did not leave till may this year) and she told me to go for it. That way I would get maternity pay, maternity leave and a bigger redundancy package than when I would leave in december.

    I applied for three jobs, of which two where under her and she hired me straight away. She knew I would not stay till the end and still she offered the job.

    It could work out well. It could also backfire and you would not get the job. I would feel very cross as a boss if you would not have told me, but would still consider you if you would have told me. But it is just what you feel better about.
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