Which bit is which in scan

I have had a scan but I don't know which part of baby is which. Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to identify the parts of my baby. thanks xxxx


  • It depends how early you had your scan. It also depends on how much your baby moved around. I had a scan at 9 weeks and I could definitely tell which bit was which, even though my baby was moving, however when I had my 20 week scan he moved a lot and I could barely tell! xxx


  • It was 9 weeks and 1 day. I felt too shy to ask what part was what. I've never really seen scans before so I really have no idea what I am looking for xxxxx
  • I was exactly that stage when I had my scan too. The sonographer said he was moving but I didn't really see that. On the screen I saw the little buds that are arms and legs but the picture they gave me just looks a bit like a blob. I can tell which bit is the head, but that's about it. xxxx
  • thank you. i feel let down by the whole system. i felt all along that i was judged by my age adn then when i asked about what part was what, she just said you can see it can't you. what more do you want. xxxx
  • awwww, hun, thats not what you want on ur 1st scan now is it? and how bloody rude!!

    I take it that's ur scan in the pic hun? Looks to me like the main white blob is body and the lighter bit is the head. I hope your next scan is a much happier experience for you. xx
  • I had 2 early scans and my area doesn't have an early pregnancy unit so it was in the gynae unit and the sonographers were so nice. I'm 19 but they didn't seem to judge me & said I had a lovely baby, not just an 'embryo' as a lot of doctors tend to say (not realising that early pregnancy is VERY worrying!) Did u have bleeding to need the scan? I had it all through 1st trimester and it drove me insane the way the doctors were just saying 'wait and see' as if it didn't matter because it was early. It's very annoying - I called my GP when I started bleeding for advice, the receptionist put me through & she just said I'm busy as if it was something insignificant...I mean some people go to the doctors for colds, lol. Dont let them fob u off. xxxx


  • thank you so much. i just can't believe how rude they were. I have never felt more judged in my life. she wasn't even going to give me a picture either because it was an emergancy scan. I was then told that it was going to class as my dating scan and that my next scan is not until 21 weeks. I had to argue for about 15 mins to actually get a copy of the picture!!! xxx
  • i had my first scan n found out that i was just over 13 weeks so was a bit easier to distinguish the body parts, although he was really active we still got a running commentary as they were trying to get me into a position to get an accurate measurement of his head!!! lol thinking about it the pictures we got off the first scan were more detailed n easier to recognise as a baby on the 13 week scan than they were on the anomly (sp?) scan, possibly coz they didnt quite fit him on the screen!! lol
    even now mw thinks he going to be big baby! n thats just by measurements!

  • yes I did. I have actually had 2 scans becuase I have bled twice. The second time, the doctor told me that he would book me for the scan and someone would ring me. That was on the friday. On the monday afternoon I rang up and was told he was busy and hadn't had a chance yet. She told me someone would call me the next day!! I told her that someone would ring me the same day as the next day was too late. When they eventually booked me for the scan, it wasn't until the Thursday. I had nearly a full week of thinking that I was losing my baby and then I was treated like that. I feel let down by the NHS entirely. I cannot believe how I have been treated. xxxxx
  • lol. sounds like you have a very feisty little one. xxx
  • that's a terrible way to treat someone, regardless of age.......being nosey, how old are you? And even worse being ur 1st and having had a bleed too - absolutely disgraceful.
  • Your situation sounds exactly the same as mine Gemma! What is a joke, is that I started bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant (spotting) and then again at 6 weeks. They then did a scan at 6+5. However the bleeding didn't stop at all and I was just told not to seek any medical advice unless the bleeding went very heavy. So I was just left basically, until it did get heavy at 9 weeks and I had another scan. No one told me what was going on at all and like you I thought I was losing my baby but they just say its 'one of those things'. When I was 11 wks I bled again and went to see my GP at 12 weeks (I thought I'd lost my baby as I was not showing at all and had lost all symptoms), he just said stop worrying, you are pregnant....didn't give me a reason why not to worry! Anyway...it all worked out...but it infuriates me how if you have an early miscarriage or a threatened early miscarriage you're left to get on with it and no one seems to care. I am 35 weeks now and if anything happened then I'm sure I'd get loads of support...but my baby was just as precious to me at 9 weeks!!!

    Oh yeh and I had the same thing, because of my scan at 9 weeks I didnt get a dating scan xxxx


  • I am 19. Thats awful, not the way you want to be starting your birth experience at all.

    It's awful the way that you are just a number to anyone on the NHS and the way your baby does not matter to them until you are 24 weeks.

    I was actually told this when I had to go for the second scan. They said I was to stop thinking about baby and think about myself as baby wasn't important until 24 weeks. I wasn't given any reassurance that I had done nothing wrong either. I was involved in a car accident and they just kept saying, if you do lose it it is one of those things and you cant get upset. I kept thinking, if I lose my child, I'll be a lot more than upset!

    Does anyone agree that if it happened to any of these people that tell you that it is just one of those things, they would be just as upset and worried as us? xxx
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