Help please...

I am 21 weeks pg with my third. It is mine and hubbies second, but I also have a son from a previouse relationship.

My son has never known his biological father, we split up when he was 6 months due to my ex being very violent and a drug addict. But now my son is almost 8 and he is asking qustions about why he has a different surname to the rest of us. He has my maiden name.

When hubby and I looked into him adopting my son, it all sounded really complicted, involving social workers and getting in touch with my ex.

I was just wondering if any one else has been in the same situation and how you dealt with it?

Thanks in advance.

Kerry xxx


  • Thanks Zoey. Been thinking about the deed poll thing, thats how hes got my maiden name. How are you feeling now about having a girl? I really like the name Ruby, Scarlett is a possability for our pink bump.

    Kerry xxx
  • Cheers hun, its just so stressfull at the moment. And I know some day I will have to explaine to him about the biological one, but I feel he is to young right now. Its just people are putting pressure on me and saying he needs to know. I have been with my hubby since he was 10 months and he is the only father hes known.

    It feels like this is the only place I can talk about it.

    Kerry xxx
  • Just been on the deed poll web site and the application forms should be here in a couple of days. Thanks again Zoey, now all I have to do is sort out a will.

    Kerry xxx
  • My friends mum changed her name to her married name without the adoption as she found it less stressful. Maybe that's an option?
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