OMG I've eaten so much today!

We had a charity bake sale at work today and I've eaten sooooo much. All to help homeless people in China and Burma of course.
Started normally with my cereal, then a truffle, followed by a big piece of rocky road for ellevenses. Then lunch of sandwich and crisps, with a cup of tea and a piece of millionaires shortbread for afternoon tea.
Supposed to be treating OH to fish and chips tonight. All this combined with my craving for vanilla ice cream it's possible I'll explode !
Feel so fat and full today and it's all my own fault. Suz xx


  • lol I'm feeling like that today. I started off with clusters for breakfast and had 2 slices of lemon curd on toast for lunch followed by not one but 2 bags of flaming hot monster munch! I had an apple after that as I was craving something sweet and didnt feel I could really eat that bounty bar after 2 packets of monster munch...I had a diet coke too and now just eyeing up another one! feel really bloated and full now!
  • Oh you guys have nothing on me!!
    I had a bowl of rice krispies and a glass of orange juice at 7.30am when hubby went to work. Then a bowl of rice krispies and two glasses of ribena at 10 when i got out of bed for the second time! then I had a mini twix and a mini time out. then i had two slabs off my family size dairy milk.
    The i had two slices of farmhouse bread with thick butter, then a petit filous....
    Then I had a breakaway and have just finished my 'lunch' which consisted of three slices of farmhouse bread with cheddar cheese and tomato, a glass of orange squash and a large helping of wallkers sensations lime and coriander crisps....
    i am already wondering whether to have a slice of the scrumptious waitrose lemon cake that i have just bought today for afternoon tea!!!!Is this bad or what??!!!
    32+2. xxx
  • thank god its not just me, these posts are makin me laugh so much. i feel really guilty that i piemunch most days till i feel sick cos i have really bad cravings for stodgy puddings like crumble and custard and sponge and custard.yum, yum. might have to get some from asda now.
  • I'm mad about anything with peanuts in! I sat with a jar of marmite and a jar of peanut butter this afternoon..first I dipped a chocolate digestive in the marmite, then in the peanut butter YUM!
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