Anger at West Hertfordshire Trust!!!

Morning Ladies,

I was so excited as tomorrow was/is my 20 week scan where I was hoping to find out the sex of our baby, I have since discovered that out NHS Trust don't tell you....ARGH!!

I remember seeing a discussion a while back about an online website which you can try work this out for yourself, does anyone have any ideas?

I'm so dissapointed and feel so let down now....


  • Sorry to hear about not being able to find out, a lot of hospitals dont like telling you.

    I actually paid for a private scan it costs around ??75 but was well worth the money.

    Hope this helps xx
  • i'm not sure about a website hun but i do know how u can try and have a look for yourself on the scan. 2 little lines in that area are a girl and 3 are a boy. have a peek on youtube they have loads of ultrasound videos and u might be able to try and guess yourself. i'd say your best bet is getting a private one done though sweetie xxx

  • if you have a good 12 week + scan photo (side angle of baby) the ladies on ingender might be able to tell.

    they got mine rightimage

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  • Thanks all, we didn't get offered a 12 week scan, only this one!!
  • ask the tech to take a photo of the toilet area.
  • Will do thanks! I've got a friend in South Africa who is also pregnant and has offered to take my scan to her next scan next week and ask her guy to tell us, the only thing about that is she'll know before us, will save ??80 though!
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