Strange feeling very low down.

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone else has ever had this.

I have had it for the past 4 days or so. Its very strange and I hope I can describe it properly!

I'm not sure if its my cervix, but it feels like that sort of area, and I have been experiencing what feels like little taps. At first I thought it was my baby kicking or hicupping but it lasts for about 20 minutes or so and i can feel the taps literally every single second. They seem to be literally every second and are never random (eg, 1 second then 3 seconds then 5 seconds then 2 seconds).

Its so hard to put it into words! I'm not worried but just thought it was really strange and wondered if its common in pregnancy or if my body is just giving up! Haha!!!

Thank you for reading this,


33+5 xxxx


  • Eh not sure what that could be, I know when I was about 33 weeks I could feel my babies head turning as it was engaged so it could be that.
    Not really sure what it is though.
    Sorry not to be much help
  • Its strange isn't it!
    My baby is breech at the mo so wont be the head turning. That sounds painful though!
  • i get that loads and the midwife said that its when the baby has moved into a position where he/she is pushing on your arteries/veins this causes it to pulse, kinda like when you push on your wrist you will feel your pulse, the baby is just pushing against one of your blood vessels causing you to feel the pulse, it is perfectly in rhythm and every second, i usually move about to get the baby to move.
    i hope that makes sense?
    Flick 36+4
  • Oh wow! I would never have thought of that! I'm so glad i'm not the only one! Thank you for replying Flick, its stopped for now but next time it happens i'll try changing position and see if it makes a difference! Thank you again xxx
  • Yup, happens to me. Had it breifly at 14 weeks for some reason (midwife said it was increased blood flow) and now again (I'm 31 weeks). It's very annoying.
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