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Hi am I right in thinking that we should get all holiday entitlement as normal while we are on mat leave?


  • I'm not too sure about the government rules but where I work, we accrue annual leave whilst on mat leave. I'm going to tack mine onto the end of my mat leave to give me an extra month at full pay. sorry to not have answered your question directly image
  • I think we only get it up to when we go on Maternity but its something I am going to check out...
  • I've found this on google now so was a wasted post lol.
    But for those who would like to know the government guidelines read this...

    What happens to your holiday entitlement when you're on maternity leave?
    You'll still build up all your entitlements to paid holiday during ordinary maternity leave. However, unless your contract says differently, you'll accrue only the statutory minimum (4.8 weeks or 24 days for those working full-time) holiday entitlement during additional maternity leave.

    If your baby is or was due on or after 5 October 2008 you will build up all your entitlements to paid holiday throughout your ordinary and additional maternity leave.

    You can add holiday to the beginning or end of your leave. You may not be able to carry over untaken holiday entitlement if your maternity leave goes over two holiday years, so it's often best to take this at the beginning of your leave.

    So I think I should just get my normal holiday entitlement because I get 20 days plus bank hols so this is more than 24 days anyway. But I just read somewhere else that from 1 April 2009 the minimum entitlement wil increase to 28 days so gonna check this out as well!


  • Funny this is the first post I've seen this evening as I've just this minute got off the phone to Working families org who give free legal advice and was calling about holiday leave!

    As SB says you do get full holiday entitlement as normal when you are on mat leave and if you do want to take all your hol leave before mat leave you can. You don't legally have to accrue holiday leave if you have worked for the company for over 1 year (my company were trying to tell me that as I'm due in march I'm only allowed Jan-Mar accrued hol and then would have to take the rest at the end of mat leave).

    Also, this may not apply to you but I only get 20 days holiday a year (even though gov minimum is 24)as I get bank holidays off on pay so technically regarded as 28 days leave a year. However when it comes to how much I get paid on mat leave, my work were saying 20 days but they actually have to pay me for 24 days.......I've just got to find a way of telling them without them making my life hell :cry:

    Sorry for all the extra info, you probably didn't need half of it but I've just read so many posts on similar subjects where not many people really know the score I just thought I'd share my new found knowlege! image
  • oops was posting while you found the info, sorry for repeating it all! xx
  • lol its ok.
    Yer I get 20 days holiday a year as well plus bank holidays so have realised that I already get 28!
  • Excellent now I am happy as we get 29 days + bank holidays so this means I can finish for Maternity leave at the end of June which will be amazing as you cant carry it over... now I am happy xx
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