Anyone got pregnant by using ovulation sticks?

I was just wondering if any of you ladies had used these and found them helpful! Ive just started to use the clearblue digital ov sticks and really hope it gets me my bfp. congratulations on your pregnancys xxxx


  • Hi Debbie, I would definitely recommend these. We used them (I'm 42 so felt we couldn't hang around). Got pregnant the first time we used the machine (unfortunately mc) but after 1 cycle, used again and immediately caught. They are absolutely brilliant - leaves nothing to chance. Identifies the exact days you need to get together! Good luck. Julie x
  • Thanks hun thats just what i needed to hear, congratulations. xx
  • We had been ttc for 4mths before we used the CBFM in April and caught straight away. We weren't expecting it to happen so quick but it was a nice surprise. I would definitely recommend using these as it accurately pin points your most fertile time of the month. Good luck for your BFP hunni xxx

  • We used them gave great piece of mind and worked after 3 mths TTC.
    I would recommend them.

    Now 10+1
  • Can i just ask did you have sex on the day u got positive or the next, sorry to have to ask. lol. xx
  • hi the first month we used them succesfully we got pg we did the business every day after positive and a day after the positive went and im now nearly 12 weeks pg good luck def recommend them xxx
  • Ohhhh thanks so much ladies im full of pma now. xxxx
  • Hi,
    My cycles were fluctuating so I found it helpful to know what was happening when. I used Unitest strips ( fraction of the price) which were excellent. I got preganant but unfortunately mc at 7wks, but then got pregnant again 3mth later. Definately worth using!

    Good luck!!
  • Thank you ladies for all your replys, hopefully ill be joining you soon. lol. xxxx
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