Baby Shower.

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Is anyone thinking of having one of these? I'm not sure whether to have one or not, I quite fancy one and my friends want me to have one. Problem being is that I don't like being the centre of attention, I get so embarassed and I don't have a big friendship base.

Also I have 2 work colleagues that are due to have babies, one in jan and the other 2 days after me.
When would be best to have the shower? I've just looked at the calendar and was thinking 4th December? Would this be too early? I'm due middle of feb.
Was thinking this date so if people want to bring gifts (I certainly don't want them to think they have too, just want people to have a good time) it will be just after payday and also won't be leaving it too late incase baby makes an early appearance....



  • i had mine last night and it was great, everyone has put bets on my babys weight and dob. i left mine til a week before which i think is cutting it a bit fine, maybe you could share one with your work collegue thats due 2 days after you so that its not totally concentrated on you? i would have thought december was ok... otherwise people will be skint after christmas image
  • i had a baby shower. at around 37 wees, but dec sounds more practical. we had a buffet and a cake. i arranged games and we had the betting one too. lots of websites do shower games etc. just google baby showers. it was my female friends and female relatives. it does add up though. with games, a cake, prizes for games, decorations, invites and food and drink it cost about ??200!
  • How much?!?!? Oh my! I have thought about sharing the baby shower with my colleague but she wants her own.
    Sounds like you both had fun! I think its quite a nice way for friends to get together and have a laugh and a catch-up before your concentration is took up with the baby. xx
  • there were 14 guests at mine, so providing food for everyone adds up. it was a saturday afternoon. cakes arent cheap. i ordered invites from vistaprint and went silly with games and decorations. you could spend less, but it does add up.
  • We did one for a friend. We each brought something to eat/drink and her best friend had lots of games to play. It was a really relaxed afternoon which she enjoyed immensely. I think they're a great idea, spending the afternoon with your friends before little one comes along, with added yummy food and fun games :\) x
  • Thats a good idea Mrs Hobbes. Think i'll just do a light finger buffet and ask mum to make some cakes...Hmmm desicions decisions! image
  • Mines in a months time!! I can't wait.. live over 150miles from my close friends and family so it will be lovely to go to London and see them all before the baby is here...

    My mum is organising mine, having a tea party theme (cupcakes, finger sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, scones w/jam n clotted cream, and champagne for the girl... Shloer for me :lol: )

  • I had a surprise baby shower.. i had no clue at all! My best friend did it all, we played so many games and had such a laugh it was brilliant image xx
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