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What were your early pregnancy symptoms?



  • I'm feeling exactly the same way! Were you pregnant?? My husband thinks I'm ridiculous because it's only been 6 days past my ovulation.....I'm hoping I'm not psyching myself out 

  • With my first pregnancy I just knew right away that my body felt different.on day I caught the egg I was extremely fatigued and then the next two weeks til my positive I had sensitive nipples,weird discharge and needed the loo more.

    With my second pregnancy I had no symptoms or feeling of being pregnant til three days after af should of arrived,when I got my positive 

    So it is possible to get symptoms days after ovulation or you don't. I've had two different experiences with it myself image 

  • I have experienced frequent urination, sore breasts, light spotting and had a missed period. So I thought I was pregnant and had taken a test, it was positive

  • I'm New To This , I'm 19 my last period was on the 9th of July and only last for 3 days  I Have Been Bloating For About 5 Days Now I Ovulated July 21,2015 but I been having headaches,dizziness, hungry all the time but be full after about 4 bites , butterflies in my stomach, I had mild cramping in my right side 7/23 , tender boobs when I take my bra off ,and nausea but not vomiting . me and my fiance are TTC so I'm hoping for a positive test 

  • Hi, I just found out I was pregnant couple days ago my period was the 5th July ovulated 19th and didn't get my BFP till 2nd August and was due on the 5th I had sore boobs 5 days after ovulation that just got worse and worse I started crying at stuff on the telly.. I also kept getting really hot and not feeling hungry!! 

  • I had *protected* sex on the 26th of July and my period was due on 30th of July. My period came the day after I had sex (27th) and finished on 2nd of August which I insult cause it always comes on the Thursday and is gone within 3-4 days but I had it for 7 days.

    My question is could I be pregnant? I've been nauseas so bad lately and haven't been able to eat much, I've been very very tired but not been able to sleep, I've been peeing very frequently and my nipples have been so sensitive also for the last few days. I also had this weird discharge on the 7th of August. Plus I've also been very gassy. I don't think I am pregnant as we used a condom and I wasn't fertile at the time of sex. But I've been so so dizzy with bad head spins and a racing heart. Please let me know if you think I could be or not. 

  • My period isnt due till the 15th of September near enough 2weeks, I have had butterflies in my belly for over a week or so, Ive got sore breasts, hate the smell of something's and have had discharged quite a bit, I don't wanna get my hopes up for it To come back negative, anyone else feel like this?

  • hello ive been having stomache pains for a while now i have 2 kids got a divorce with their dad and made a mistake a got my tubes cute tied and burnt and now im remarried to someone else that lost his son from kidney failure and all the doctors around here in Olney IL say that it is impossible to have a tubal baby or a baby growing in u so im asking to find out if u can still become pregnant i know what being pregnant feels like ive done it twice test come up neg but i can feel it how do u find out if u are if the test dont work for u please pray for me i didnt want to get a tubal lagation my kids dad said he would stay if i got it done im stupid for doing it god help me please thanks anyway he left me so i found a new man to take care of me and my 2 kids i just feel bad for him i wanna have a few babies with him 

  • Hi just wondering how long after your mc it took to fall pregnant again x

  • My period is late I am basicly reguler I always start on the 15ths of everymonths and I get symptoms idk if I'm pregnate I took a test on the next day after my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex it showed negative I have cramps my bottom of my back hurts when I walk I get tired dizziness and nauseas can anyone help me I'm going nutz

  • Uhhh how old are you sinthia?

    No one takes a test a day after sex, you're meant to take it a few days after missed period, if you have a irregular period, you wait at least 3 weeks to take a test

    Take another test during next week and you should know if you are pregnant or not by mow 

  • Only a missed period! 

    How long after your mc did it take Ito fall pregnant again.??????????

  • Im 17 && I tought I was but no I'll take one diiz weekend 

  • 1st day of last period 8/16/15 next period due on 9/13/15 I had unprotected sex 8/29/15 13 days after 1st day of last period had mild asthma attack day after 8/31/15 and got steroid shot for lung in my hip spotted on 9/2/15 and 9/3/15  now my period is 8 days late no bleeding only white milky discharge I have mild cramps nausea in afternoon and breast are very tender to touch not touch sharp pains I pregnant?

  • I can't see your reply why is this

  • Hey,

    I had unprotected sex a week or two back.. And now my nipples are sore and the size seem to be a little more.. I got cramps too yesterday.. And i do pee alot but then i feel it's because of the water intake.. My due is today but i didn't get them.. What do i do? Is there a possibility I'm pregnant? Please help.. It's my first.. 

  • I didn't get any symptoms this time round until about 5 weeks and it was just sore nipples, but so sore! I knew straight away, took a test and it was positive.

  • Hello Ladies,

    Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for around 2 years now, nothingg.... Last year i was told i had PCOS, I not have periods anymore.... about a week ago my doctor finally put me on Metaformin to help.... about four nights ago i felt very sick and had very bad cramps in my stomach cramps.... and now the last 2 days i have had really sore nipples.... has anyone else experienced this?? could i be pregnate and how long so i leave it to do a test?? Thanks,x

  • Well I'm just as confused! This would be my second child. All pregnancy related symptoms 6 faint positive tests!! Am I pregnant?? Was due af a week ago but nothing certain on tests. 

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