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Hi my names Marie and i am 27yrs old with a 31/2 yr old son me and oh have only been trying for last couple moths and we got lucky thus moth we can't believe it happened so quickly thought it would take at leat few months but are not complaining really happy!
I am 6 weeks today haven't got many symtoms slight bit of nausea but not stopping me from eatig hehehe! and tierdness but was like this with Logan but i know is still early days!
Have only told imediate family not told work yet which can get tricky because i am a nurse and work can involve some manual handling of patients will just have to say have hurt my back little whit lie for now

looking forward to next nine months and getting to speak to everyone on forum! and sharing advice you all seem a nice bunch from what i've read so far


sorry for babbling


  • Congratulations Marie and welcome to the Pregnancy Forum. We're a really good bunch here!! Here's to a great 9 months!! xxxx

  • Congratulations on ur pregnancy. I was abit like u and had to tell work really early on that i was pregnant coz my job involves some manual handling (im a support worker), i told them at 7wks, which i hated coz i didnt want anyone to know until i was 12, but oh well. Hope u find this forum as useful as i have. Kerry xxx

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