Is 14 weeks to early to buy stuff ??

We went to mothercare and i came away with a steriliser and bath set. I'm getting so impatient and jus wanna buy so much stuff but keep thinking its still too soon. Obviously we won't get a cot or pushchair until after next scan but soooo excited time is jus really dragging.

Should i really wait to buy anything else?



  • I wish I'd bought more in the early stages but I didn't as I didn't feel confident buying stuff until after my 20 week scan. It's good to buy as u go along I think, I've only just realised what a ridiculous amount I still havent got! xxx

  • i started buying things at 4weeks pregnant!
    ok it was only clothes but im now 19weeks pregnant and 2months ago we started buying nappies and baby wipes etc!
    I want to be well prepared and alot of people say "yeh but anything can happen" but ive decided to take a positive attitude and tell myself my bubba is healthy and happy so why be as cynical as everyone else!

    I love buying things and i feel its best now as when i go on maternity leave i cant afford anything!
    So its nice spoiling the bubba whilst ive got the money.
  • We found out on Friday 19th Oct when I was about 5 weeks then in a mad fit of "pregnancy brain" bought a pram at a car boot sale on the Sunday!! Bit of a nightmare storing it though so dont recommend it lol
    Am now 18 +5 and have got baby food (long dates), steriliser, bottles, few clothes and MIL has got me a huge bag full of wipes, lotions and potions!
    Is an idea to pick up all this stuff on bogoff deals when its cheap!!! Am going to start storing formula and nappies in the next couple of months (to store in the pram lol).
    Bet am still not organised come June though!!!!
    Love Lee
  • I'm 9+3 and bought a steriliser because it was on offer in Asda, it was the one I had alreadyy decided on but cost ??25 instead of ??40 - ??50. I also bought a folding baby nest today down from ??20 to ??8 in Vert (the shop in yellow at the top) These items were good prices so seemed stupid not to. I also want a buggie from mothercare, currently on offer nearly ??200 cheaper the the alternitives, but can't find the money at the mo, if I do and it's still on offer I'll get it.
  • We were so excited we just went mad and brought loads of stuff. I think the older generation think its bad luck to buy stuff etc-my gran was not impressed but we carried on regardless. Happy shopping
  • I dont think so, Im 13 weeks and Ive bought little bits, Ive been getting really impatient-I think that might be because I was told I had to wait until I was 12 weeks to get my first midwife appointment and was 13 weeks when they could book me in. So Ive had to keep reminding myself that Im pregnant-I cant wait for my first scan...I keep running home every day from work to see if I have the letter from the hospital
  • I am 16 weeks just over and have just started to buy bits and bobs. I am a little cautious and have only really bought wipes and stuff. x
  • I'm just over 17 weeks and I started buying stuff this week - not much just a changing mat so that I could work out if my dresser top was big enough to use for changing area. We have some plastering and paiting to do in the nursery and lay a new carpet and once that's done I'll start filling it with the necessaries.
  • i think you should start buying stuff when you feel is the right time to, i started buying stuff in my first pregnancy after my 12 week scan (i was 14 weeks),
    this time i started at 28weeks after my 4d scan so i knew what i was having first. iv only baught clothes ext for hospital bag, will have to start getting stuff now i think lol.

  • I don't think its too early at all!! We've been buying things from about 12weeks, our first buy was a nappy wrapper coz it was reduced & then a nursery furniture set again coz it was reduced! Am now just waiting for baby's room to be decorated, then we can set everything up and have more room for storage!! Also going to The Baby Show, so will hopefully grab some bargains there!
    Weirdly though i can't seem to bring myself to buy any baby clothes...can look and coo over them but just can't buy it!?!?
  • I started buying things very early.....infact as soon as I saw a cot for 5 pounds and a pushchair for 10 pounds I got it. Gotta grab the bargains while they are there I believe. And the more positive you feel and happy. The better it is for the baby!!!!
  • hi i have bought loads of stuff and im only 15weeks i bought my pram yesterday cus it was in the sale i just think there is so much to buy that the sooner you start the better as once you are on maternity pay money will be tight so buy away hun lol

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