baby not moving as much as usual.

Probably being paranoid here, but my baby seems very sleepy today, i've only had 7 movements so far (i would usually have had at least the ten by now) and they're a lot more faint than usual.
My mw did tell me to keep an eye on movements this week since i'm a week overdue, but i can't help but worry.
i'm going in to be monitored this afternoon, in the meantime i was just wondering if anyone else experienced a drop in movements at this stage of pregnancy?


  • Hi, when I had my first I stopped feeling her movements for almost the whole day before she was born. Apparently she was resting in preparation for her big journey! I tried not to stress but it was hard. My waters broke the next morning at 5.00am and she was born happy and healthy hours later. She was born on her due date. I hope this puts your mind at rest, hopefully you'll be seeing your new baby sooner than you think xxxxxx
  • hi im not quite at your stage but have heard the movements slow down just before you go into labour. good luck post how your monitoring goes x x x
  • my sister had no movement so was rushed into hospital only to be told she was in labour! she didn't even know lol all they were concerned about was Corey not moving at all in the last 12 plus hours but he's a happy healthy strong 13yr old football loving boy image just thionk it might be the first sign that baby is ready to come to meet you at last image GOOD LUCK! p.s if you get too worried call midwife or labour ward to get advise image
  • Thanks everyone, i feel more reassured now.
    I've just tried the cold glass of water trick again and had a couple of kicks from that so i'm less worried. They still feel fainter than the usual movements though, so i'm glad i'm going to the hospital later.
    Hopefully it is the start of labour - i had a sweep 2 days ago and resigned myself to the fact that it hadn't worked, but mayb....
  • Mrs C any news??
  • Mrs C speak to us tell us your in labour!!!!!! image image imageimageimageimage i'm so excited for you and yet worried image
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