18 weeks woo hoo

Woo hoo I am 18 weeks today image

K xx

18 weeks today


  • Awwww yay!! How are you feeling? Do you have your 20 week scan booked? Bet you can't wait!
  • I am feeling good thank you hun image I have it booked for the 31st March so will be 22 weeks then I think or coming up to it.

    I am very excited about it, have my second app with MW tomorrow have not seen her since I was 11 weeks so it will be nice to see her again and go through the bloods I had done.

    K xx

  • how exciting! its a shame you haven't got it a week before, my growth scan is on 23rd of March, we could have met in the hospital canteen for lunch!!!
    That'll be nice aswell to see your midwife again, i always feel much more pregnant once i've seen the midwife lol x
  • Yay 18weeks already. I'm jealous-i still feel like i'm in that early stage where something can go wrong and still feel awful. Its not long til your scan and think how much baby will have developed since the last one-that really excites me. Enjoy mw appointment. Lisa 15+6 x
  • WAHOOOO!!! i bet that has gone really quickly!!!!

    I feel like i am just wishing my life away at them moment longing to get further on!!!!

    How is your bump doing? are you any bigger than the last picture you posted?

  • Ahh thank you girls, it really does feel like it's going fast I can't believe i am 18 weeks alreadyimage

    I am not sure about my bump did have little worry this morning it looks smaller?? I seem to dip right in where my knickers go a couple of cm down past my belly button so really my bump is a really funny shape at the mo and I can't say I like it LOL

    I want it to be round it looks funny it's only happened the last few days??? Do you think that is normal?

    k XX

  • It's great being this far along now isn't it? It's like it's really happening- we are almost halfway there!

    18 weeks x
  • I know which is scary but i am really looking forward to being bigger and further along. I think I am just so excited about meeting her i want her here already.

    K xx

  • Im thats absolutly normal hun, She has most probably jsut moved in to a more comforty postition which is why it looks different...

    Are you taking weekly pics?

  • Its so exciting were nearly at half way mark!! yipee!
    I read in book that our womb should be up by naval now which is exciting as obviously its been low down and not much of a bump. I think I have really noticed it rise!!

    18+5 xxxx


  • Not weekly no but a couple of week in between and you can see how it's changed.

    I used the Doppler last night though and I heard her heart beating relaly loud still very low down on the left hand side??

    K xx

  • congrats!
    Im 23 + 3 today and I never thought I would get to this point and I have to say , it feels great!

    I was just like you at 18 weeks though, very unsure of the size and shape or my bump. I wanted it to be more rounded as I felt more proegnat that way.
    I think it must be as ur uterus moves highter up that things become more rounded, cause that is how I am now and could not be happier!
  • Oh wow your is flying by Mrs Dickson!!!

    It's just odd as most girls have a the bump low down but mine is almost flat low down and then a bump from under my boobs? Very odd.

    K xx

  • Mine changes height all the time!
    Sometimes it depends on the baby's position and also how much ive had to eat and drink!
    We havent had a bump pic for a while??
    I need to take another one myself.
  • Yay, 18 weeks, I can't believe how time is flying by...well it is for me anyway. I'm 17+3 today and can't believe i'm here already. Considering I found out at 4 weeks, lol. Any more bump pics hun?
  • I know I must take some more, am out this evening but will try and do some tomorrow and slap them on. It's fun to see how much everybodies bumps are changing.

    K xx

  • Congrats, K-lou image. I am 25 weeks today and it's amazing how the time goes! I have a feeling it'll start dragging soon though as I start to get really huge, hehe. Good luck for your 20 week scan at the end of the month! We really enjoyed ours.

  • Look at your pic Astraad its sooo clear!!

    Time really does fly I am wondering when it will all slow down. Though it's bad as i am dying to meet her already so in a way wish i was further along than I am.

    K xx

  • Wow 18 weeks already, your scan will soon be here and then you'll have more perfect pics of your little girl and will start feeling her really move! Its hard not to wish away the weeks as I'm exactly the same, we should try and enjoy every second!

  • im 18 weeks and 5 days
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