help with unpaid maternity leave

Helo ladies,
Wondered if anyone can help,
im a taching assistant and i was going to start my maternity leave on the 20th april after the easter hols.
to cut a long story short i now want to finish on the 9th march and not return till jan 2010,
(im suffering with my back i work with aged3-5y old children my manager is not very unstanding and i cant cope with all the snide remarks anymore)
this means i will hve to take 2 weeks unpaid is it posible to do that or do u have to take the full 13 weeks.?
thankyou emma 26weeks xxxxxxx


  • Hi Emma

    I work for local government and as far as I am aware You can take as many of the unpaid leave as you want as long as you let them know in advance when you intend to return to work. I think that it is 20 odd days. I am thinking of doing the same and I am going to write to them before I start maternity leave with my intentions and confirm 4 weeks before I return.

    Hope this helped x x

    Kirsten x x
  • Hello,
    It does load thankyou xxxxxxx
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